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The 3 New Stupid Anti-Gun Laws & Attorneys

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Anti-gun laws and personalities are always in the news, but here are three breaking legal moves that have this cop, citizen and gun owner scratching his head at the shear stupidity.

1.  The Los Angeles City Council mandates trigger locks

During the first part of August, it was reported that the Los Angeles City Council advanced an ordinance that would require all handgun owners to do something really stupid: keep them in a
locked container or fixed with a
trigger lock at all times in the home.  Otherwise, misdemeanor.

How stupid is that? I’ll tell you how stupid it is.

It’s like saying, “Hey bad guys, I won’t have anyway to protect myself when you kick in my door because my gun is locked up. I can’t even carry my gun on my hip in a
holster in my own home because that would be illegal, so come break in.”

Like a lot of gun laws, this one is just another failure in trust, but how much is institutional trust really a meaningful factor when we are talking about the lives of grown adults who just want to protect themselves?  I trust that responsible gun owners will keep their guns out of the reach of children. I know that these people will keep their weapons locked up anyway (though in a manner that allows for quick access to protect themselves).  All this lame ordinance does is legally disarms people in their homes and, rather literally, gives criminals the upper hand.

Oh yeah, and the week before they designed this foolish ordinance, the council also vowed to ban “high-capacity gun magazines” (which are already illegal in California).


2.  Ohio prosecutor doesn’t understand gun recoil

While trying a police officer who shot someone at the University of Cincinnati, the prosecutor assigned to the case made some real ignorant statements about ballistics. This is what the attorney said of the cop’s actions at the traffic stop:

“He was not dragged. He fell backwards. Maybe from the recoil of the gun.”

What? He fell backwards from the recoil of a handgun? Is that even possible?

It wasn’t a .454 Casull, he wasn’t 50 pounds and, even then, it’s still just a handgun. He wasn’t shooting a M2 .50 cal machine gun.

I believe that this prosecutor watches too many movies. (Though, even
Rambo could operate an M60 on full auto without falling backwards. Sheesh.) And I’m pretty sure he’s not a gun guy (and likely not pro-gun either).  But, as an agent of the law and an investigator on this case, he should have an understanding of basic physics and how they pertain to modern firearms. Sounds like a clueless, anti-gun lawyer to me—just the type you don’t want.

Honestly, it makes me wonder what other baloney was slung around during that indictment.

Click here to read number 3 in the article by Jeffrey Denning.

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