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The Dystopian Gods of the Here & Now Are In Charge & All Must Obey, Or Else

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Article first appeared on Ammoland.com

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USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- We are deep in the second full month of Joe Biden’s Presidency and the changes that are being made to America through one executive order after another show exactly what many patriots were afraid of. An unchecked dictator with a coordinated cover-up effort between the mainstream media, the Democrat party, big tech, and those in charge of social media to stifle, attack, banish and utterly destroy any and all opposition to the new regime and its ideals and their new agenda.

The dystopian gods of the here and now have spoken and are unleashing their wrath on anyone who opposes them.

In one signing ceremony after another, we’re watching our rights slipping away and everything positive that had been done in the last four years being washed away in a flood of progressive ink that you can bet is only the beginning. The Keystone XL pipeline is now history and at least a thousand+ jobs at the outset and the union whose workers will be the most affected. Ironically the union that endorsed Joe Biden is now suddenly outraged that the candidate who said he would go after the oil industry is now doing just that. Even Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister was “disappointed” in Biden’s decision, and it was done in the blink of an eye, without any care or concern for the workers now suddenly receiving pink slips instead of a paycheck.

Now there’s a mask mandate on all federal properties, which was quickly ignored by Joe Biden in almost no time at all after it was signed, and instead of the media asking and getting to the bottom of why Biden not once, but twice violated his order, they were more interested in asking if there will be a color scheme change for Air Force One and what church Biden is going to attend. Don’t expect the media to hold Biden’s feet to the fire, expect them instead to fetch his slippers.

Jen Psaki, Joe Biden’s Press Secretary has been thrown one softball question after another by a fawning media, who get away without answering much of anything by simply parroting, “I’ll have to circle back.”

Of course, opposing Joe Biden and his blatantly obvious progressive agenda and you’re met with swift condemnation and in the case of Parler, you’re wiped out in less than forty-eight hours. Parler, where Twitter users were fleeing to after that site and the management there banned Donald Trump and anyone else they felt like was targeted by Apple, Google, and Amazon in unison to stomp them into the ground, like a trio of bullies on the playground for the new kid daring to show up to play in the sandbox.

Parler was targeted by Google, Apple, and other tech companies following the mass exodus of people from Twitter when Donald Trump was banned from that site.

Parler was made an example of by the dystopian gods. Any opposition will not be tolerated and you won’t just be shunned, you will be silenced with extreme prejudice. A prejudice the media is ignoring for cute stories about Kamala Harris and Jill Biden’s outfits.

Then in weeks to follow, we saw images of National Guard troops, so necessary and needed during Biden’s Inauguration, being dumped in a parking garage with one a single bathroom for several thousand troops. The same media who screamed for the last couple of years about illegal immigrants being detained in conditions better than most of them were used to, with beds, food, and medical services. The same media couldn’t even be bothered to report on National Guard soldiers who had just got done doing their job without complaint not getting any food and being treated worse than refugees from a Third World country.

As America continues to spiral away from freedom and greatness the Biden Administration and the dystopian gods of the here and now are in charge of America, and will be for the next four years, possibly longer. With the immigration plan to turn eleven million illegal immigrants into citizens on top of Washington DC and Puerto Rico becoming states number fifty-one and fifty-two, it could be that any chance of a Republican ever winning the White House will be out of reach permanently. The gods are pleased with the destruction they’re causing to America.

Right now the dystopian gods are angry and will make us patriots all suffer. We’re going to see new and higher taxes, new laws that we could not even have imagined a decade ago will come to pass. Crushing gun control bills are being advanced and with little opposition, they will pass, and many will comply. The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump was a complete and unconstitutional joke, instead of Covid relief being the priority that Joe Biden and those in Washington said it was. It’s all about punishment now, the punishment of Donald Trump and the punishment of anyone who is a conservative or shares any conservative values. We have a ruling party who firmly believes that their opposition must be punished and beaten so that they will never stand up ever again. More anger from the dystopian gods.

So, what can be done to appease the dystopian gods of the here and now? Nothing, no sacrifice will appease their wrath, but the Republicans in Washington are already trying. Mitch McConnell and a few other GOP Senators and some of their colleagues in the House would rather try and placate the gods than to oppose them. They believe it is better to serve at their right hand than to anger them and get nothing at all. Remember those Republicans who abandoned their constituents for their self-preservation and so they could get the scraps from the table of the dystopian gods. They’ve shown who they serve now, and it’s not the hardworking Americans who elected them.

America is in for some very dark years. The eagle is bleeding from one little cut at a time, and in the last few months has received a slew of them. Joe Biden and the dystopian gods now in charge hold the knives and they keep cutting. Will this country survive another two years until the next election, what about 2024? Will all our future elections also be stolen without any protest from Americans? Are we too far gone to save the Republic? Only time will tell, but for the time being how many will bow to the dystopian gods of the here and now?

About David LaPell

David LaPell has been a Corrections Officer with the local Sheriff’s Department for thirteen years. A collector of antique and vintage firearms for over twenty years and an avid hunter. David has been writing articles about firearms, hunting, and western history for ten years. In addition to having a passion for vintage guns, he is also a fan of old trucks and has written articles on those as well.


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