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Thomas Massie Exposes “Gun Control” For What It Is: Ineffective & Unconstitutional (Video)

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In a piece, I wrote back in 2015 titled All Federal Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional, I pointed out that the US went from 1776 to 1927, 150 years after our founding, when Congress decided, “We better start disarming the American people” by slipping into place the first of many unlawful pieces of legislation to attack the People’s right to keep and bear arms.  Recently, Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie pointed to both the law and to data that demonstrates that gun prohibition and confiscation, which is what is meant by gun control, are ineffective and unconstitutional.

First, take a look at his comments during the recent House Judiciary meeting and doing something they should not be doing, as they have all taken an oath to uphold the Second Amendment, which is debating it.

Then Rep. Mondaire Jones attacked the People and their rights by appealing to dead children and attempting to make Massie appear as a monster for upholding the law.

The reality is that wherever you find this criminal behavior taking place, it is usually, not always, in areas where the government has unlawfully infringed on the rights of the People.

Our forefathers put the Second Amendment into the Constitution to deal with a government just like the one they warned us about, one that is now, at present, attacking its own people.

Before you forget, while these criminal politicians attacking our rights attempt to put out the propaganda that the US is the only once experiencing mass school shootings and other violent crimes commited with guns, the reality is just the opposite.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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