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Tipton Ultra Gun Vise Review – Bring an AR-15 Workbench With You

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Article first appeared on Ammoland.com

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Gun vises are almost essential for scope mounting, maintenance, and cleaning of our firearms. For that purpose, the folks at Tipton designed several models to meet most users’ requirements. From their very basic range vise to their ultra gun vise, the Tipton products were the “standards” by which all others were measured.

However, there was one problem. Most firearms owners have a limited amount of space with which to perform their work. With reloading presses, powder throwers, and primer pocket swaggers all mounted on their bench, not to mention die sets, powder containers, and the usual assortment of smaller items……….. there was always a problem “pushing stuff” out of the way to put the gun vises on the bench. And, after we were finished with our work, the vise went back on the floor or under the bench. Bottom line, as great as the vises are, their size presented a problem for their use.

Tipton Ultra Gun Vise

It took a while, but Tipton finally solved the problem. They designed and produced (after a lot of trials and error) the free-standing gun vise. We say trial and error because, despite all their efforts, the existing tripod shooting rests could not be adapted to handle a proper vise. The tripod rests were just too weak and unstable, given the weight of the vise PLUS the firearm. To say that the Tipton standing vise is robust is an understatement. This beauty weighs in at nearly 20 pounds….that is more than 7 pounds greater than the Caldwell Magnum Field Pod.

Of course, we are talking about the stand, not the included modular vise. The stand is constructed from heavy gauge tubular steel. The four legs are 1.5” in diameter while the horizontal cross members are 0.88” in diameter and the steel plates on each end are 0.17” thick. As we said, this is one very robust unit. It will easily hold the heaviest rifle on the market today, without any wobbling. The legs are collapsible for storage and/or transit, but this unit was designed to permanently be upright by your bench for ready-access.

The Tipton Ultra Gun Vise on this stand is modular (those purchased separately have their own frame).

The Tipton modules are constructed with glass-filled nylon. That provides a very high level of rigidity, yet it prevents damage to your firearm or crossbow. The dual clamps are padded and will hold any firearms in place and steady. And, if that weren’t enough, the glass-filled nylon is solvent-resistant which translates to years of hard use. In a word, this setup is the last gun vise you will ever buy.

The specifications for the Tipton Standing Gun Vise are as follows:

Height: 35”
Weight: ~20 pounds
Collapsed Measurement: 43” X 6.5” (w/o vise)
Elevation Range of Chassis Clamp: 4”
Width of Chassis Clamp: 2.5”
Distance Between the Legs: 54” length, 30′ width

The following are just some of the firearms and crossbows that are compatible with this vise:

Conventional Rifles & Modern Sporting Rifles (AR platforms)
Break Open Shotguns
Compound Bows & Crossbows
Muzzle Loaders
Bull Pups

The MSRP of $237.99 is not out-of-line when you consider that you get solid steel stand as well as the Tipton Ultra Gun Vise.

But, just in case you already have a Tipton gun vise, you can buy the Universal Gun Maintenance Standalone for about a hundred bucks. Your existing Tipton vise can be adapted to the stand.


The Clarys:
Jim is a retired USAF Scientist and a combat veteran from the Vietnam era. Mary is a retired NICU nurse who shot F-Class competition before injuring her back. Between them, they have over 100 years of experience in hunting and shooting. They have published over 800 articles and reviews, many of which can be read on AmmoLand News.

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