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Treachery Against Virginia Gun Owners Revealed

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.com

Ammoland – A series of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests have been issued to get to the bottom of Attorney General Herring’s advice to the Virginia State Police (VSP), and VSP’s acceptance of that advice, to pull recognition and reciprocity with 25 states, affecting 6 MILLION CHP holders.

Paul A. Prados was one of several people who issued some of those FOIA requests and he has found some very troubling connections between the Attorney General’s office, the VSP, a Republican Senate leader, and the anti-gun Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV).

Paul wrote two articles on the information that his FOIA requests brought out (links below to the articles).

What really bothers me is the access and help Lori Hass, Virginia Director for CSGV, got from two people who have just retired: Lt. Colonel Robert Kemmler with the VSP and Republican Senator Walter Stosch, who represented Henrico and Hanover.

Last year Delegate Lee Ware introduced HB 1329 for VCDL. That bill would have honored permits from all states. (A similar bill has been introduced by Ware this year.)

Stosch, the VSP, and CSGV appear to have colluded to raise a FALSE issue to kill HB 1329 by having it sent to a finance committee where it should never have been sent. And, right on cue, the bill died because no appropriation was made (nor was it planned that there would be an appropriation).

Gun Banner Lori Haas
Gun Banner Lori Haas

The false claim was that honoring the permits from all states would mean fewer people would get a Virginia non-resident CHP and that would cost the state $339,500 a year. There’s one problem – the money from those permits was meant to reimburse the VSP for the cost of processing the permits. The state should not see any kind of profit from permits, but should only break even.

If the VSP was really concerned about loss of income from non-resident permits, then why would they devalue those non-resident permits they way they just did, by making them significantly less useful? Instead of getting Virginia non-resident permits, people are flocking to get Utah non-resident permits, which are cheaper, honored here, and also honored in some of the states that we are either losing or might lose on February 1.

Lori Haas has been the Governor’s patsy in helping to pay back Michael Bloomberg since he was elected – Lori was even on his transition team. So finding out that she was working with Herring was no surprise whatsoever.

But my faith in the LEADERSHIP of the VSP continues to be shaken. VSP is supposed to be non-partisan, but I don’t feel they can be trusted to give the General Assembly advice on police matters right now. Not seeing how they have become so tainted with political activism that they are working against the interests of the Commonwealth and its citizens.

And just as bad, a leader of the Republican Party in the Senate, nonetheless, stabbing trusting gun owners in the back.

There are more shoes waiting to drop, stay tuned.

This discovery has only stiffened VCDL’s resolve to undo what Herring, Walter Stosch, and the VSP under Colonel W. Steven Flaherty and Lt. Col. Kemmler, have done to gun owners.

We need a tidal wave of gun owners telling their Senator, regardless of party, to support recognition of ALL permits from other states and to do so THIS YEAR. We will probably need to override a veto, but this issue has resonated so hard that it might well take on a life of its own.

Lobby Day is Monday January 19th 2016 at 8:30 AM.

Here’s the links to the articles:

About Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL):

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