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Unarmed Equality for Hollywood’s Anti-Gun Glitterati?

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.com

Ammoland – What is it about Hollywood elites who jump on their soapboxes proclaiming to be saviors of America, but then do everything imaginable to undermine the core principles of its founding?

Take Hollywood’s anti-gun glitterati for example. Between making personal fortunes from glorifying guns in their movies and living exuberant lifestyles that includes armed security, one would think they would support their fellow Americans right to self-defense. Nope.

We’ve all heard of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his scandalous anti-gun program Everytown For Gun Safety. Now, Academy Award-winning actress Julianne Moore has recently launched her own gun control group called Everytown Creative Council, which, not surprisingly, falls under the auspices of Bloomberg’s organization. To help her, she has recruited fellow celebrities Meg Ryan, Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon, Kevin Bacon, Kristen Bell, Jessica Chastain, J.J.Abrams, and others to join in her un-American assault on the Second Amendment.

In a Huffington Post blog, Moore had the audacity to write:

  • “We are actors and artists, but we are Americans first. … We respect the Second Amendment but keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of convicted criminals, terrorists, domestic abusers, stalkers and dangerous people isn’t anti-gun; it’s pro-common sense.”
  • “We know that more than 90 percent of Americans support common-sense reforms that are proven to save lives. What not enough people know and what the gun lobby doesn’t want more of us to know is that a large majority of gun owners support these reforms too.”

This is a level of propaganda we would expect from the pompous pigs in George Orwell’s 1945 classic novel Animal Farm. All people are equal, but some people (the elites who like to make the rules) are more equal than others.

First, Moore attempts to establish herself and her fellow creative comrades as “Americans First,” which is nothing more than a stealthy ruse that acts as a preemptive strike against our reasoning and constitutional understanding of the Second Amendment. Next, she attempts to instill fear by listing all the bad guys who could potentially get their hands on “dangerous weapons.” Apparently, she has never read the FBI’s yearly published Uniform Crime Report. If she did, she would know that the most used lethal weapon of all is not a gun, but rather a bludgeoning instrument, primarily the fist.

Moreover, who does she mean when she loosely uses the terms “terrorists” and “dangerous people?” NRA members? Tea Party supporters? Christians? As if this is not enough, she also cleverly uses nicer sounding words like “pro-common sense” instead of “anti-gun,” even though gun control proponents like Bloomberg and his gang believe confiscation is the best exercise of common sense. Finally, Moore throws out some made-up statistics without citing where they came from in hopes that a few suckers will take the bait, hook, line, and sinker. It appears Moore is so consumed with mindless emotionalism that she feels there is no need to do research.

Like Bloomberg’s group, Moore’s primary goal is to secure stronger background checks, as if criminals actually care about background checks. Clearly, this hasn’t stopped her bad guys from having it their way in gun-free zones. Even California’s uber strict gun control laws haven’t prevented such crimes. Case in point, the recent San Bernardino terrorist attack. This is precisely why many of us believe we need to be responsible for our own self-defense. This includes women, the fastest growing demographic purchasing firearms today. Instead of cowering with their children in a closet, these women are now preparing themselves to fight back. Why such a proactive stance? It’s is about real life and death, not a Hollywood movie!

Still, it’s Moore’s latest promotional stunt with her fellow creative comrades that truly takes the cake. It’s a video — a selfie of sorts. It features Moore and other celebrities offering a message that is as repetitive as it is boring. It goes like this: “We can end gun violence.” Apparently, this is the best the so-called “creative community” can come up with. Their big surprise comes at the very end when President Obama reprises his old cliché, “When we come together, Americans can do anything.” Yawn.

As you can see, while Washington and Hollywood anti-gun glitterati exalt themselves making bogus public service announcements, real American’s are taking constitutionally lawful action to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.

Frankly, Americans are sick and tired of elitists making two sets of rules — one set for themselves and another for everyone else. A prime example of this is the recent Golden Globe Awards where Hollywood’s crème de la crème benefited from the largest presence ofheavily armed security in the show’s history. This is why Virginia state senator Charles Carrico is currently proposing a new law that would deny armed security to elected officials who oppose American citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. To me, this is one of the best examples of a common sense gun law. Perhaps this new standard of unarmed equality should also apply to busybody Hollywood celebrities.

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About Kimberly Bloom Jackson:

As an actress turned anthropologist and teacher, I snoop into the real stories that lie hidden behind the scenes of American culture. My primary focus is on Hollywood and education, where I draw attention to unique and intriguing issues that significantly impact people’s lives. Visit : www.snoopinganthropologist.com.

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