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Video: Weatherby Camilla Vanguard Rifle for Women

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Article first appeared at NRAmedia.org

NRAmedia – Weatherby knows that women have been long been as equally skilled hunters as their male counterparts, despite that they have often chosen a rifle that might not necessarily fit her as well as it does her brother or husband. Now women no longer have to adapt to an ill-fitting rifle. As part of Weatherby’s commitment to bringing even more women into hunting—and offering a new choice for women who are already knocking down game—the company has announced its first rifle conceived of and designed by women. The Camilla bolt-action rifle is built on the Vanguard action, with external dimensions that are important for a proper women’s fit. The stock, grip, length of pull, and fall at comb and heel are all designed with women’s proportions in mind. It’s currently available in four calibers—.223, .243, 7 mm-.08 and .308. For more on the new Camilla, watch the video above from SHOT Show 2016 by a host with a very familiar family name, or go to womenofweatherby.com.

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