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Washington: Anti-Gun Bills Scheduled for Hearings Next Week

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With the legislative session under way, anti-gun lawmakers are pushing their agenda at a quick pace. Next week, committees in both chambers are hearing gun control bills. For information on attending the hearings in Olympia, click here to view committee schedules. You may also click here to register to testify remotely, submit written testimony, and/or register your opposition to each bill online.

In addition, please click this button below to email committee members directly and ask them to OPPOSE the anti-gun bills before them.

A public hearing in the House Civil Rights and Judiciary Committee is on January 16th at 10:30AM. An executive session and potential vote on the bills is scheduled on January 19th at 10:30AM.

House Bill 1902 requires individuals obtain a permit with live-fire training to be able to exercise the right to purchase firearms. A similar permitting scheme was recently held unconstitutional by an Oregon judge.

House Bill 1903 further victimizes otherwise law-abiding gun owners and places the liability on crime victims for theft of their own property by penalizing failing to report missing or stolen firearm within 24 hours.

House Bill 2021 expands the authorized and/or required destruction of firearms held by state and local government entities.

House Bill 2054 rations Second Amendment rights by limiting firearm dealers from transferring or selling more than one firearm per 30 day period to an individual.

House Bill 2118 places costly onerous requirements on law-abiding FFLs that could put them at serious risk of going out of business because of the financial burden to comply.

The Senate Law and Justice Committee will hold public hearings on Monday and Tuesday. An executive session and potential vote on the bills is scheduled on January 19th.

January 15th at 10:30AM

Senate Bill 5444 increases “gun-free zones” where law-abiding citizens are left defenseless in publicly accessible areas, including parks, public transit, and government buildings. Nothing in the bill requires these “sensitive places” have any measures to protect citizens and prevent armed criminals from ignoring this arbitrary boundary and entering, such as metal detectors, security guards, or a police presence.

January 16th at 10:30AM

Senate Bill 5985 codifies the unconstitutional provisions of Washington’s recent ban on commonly-owned firearms into the section of state code on background checks.

Again, please consider participating in the hearings by the methods above and click the button above to ask committee members to OPPOSE these bills.

Article by NRA-ILA


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