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Why Tell the Truth When the Lie Is so Much More Convenient?

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Article first appeared at Cheaperthandirt.

One More time, Mrs. Clinton, the Gun Industry is not ‘Immune from Liability.’ I mean come on, Even Bernie Sanders knows that and had to call Clinton’s statement into question adding, that he does not favor trying to put firearms manufacturers out of business.That is not to say the Democratic/Socialist Senator from Vermont is pro Second Amendment—as most of us would agree.


This is not a new attack from Clinton or other pro gun control politicians. They often rely on individuals—often categorized as low information voters—with a ‘stunted’ propensity for vetting details or claims. Although the media or other individuals from various think tanks or industry groups can refute the claims after the fact, the damage is done and the correct information seldom reaches the majority of the voting audience. That’s where you and I can be proactive.

For instance, after Clinton falsely claimed the gun industry is immune from liability, Victor E. Schwartz refuted the claim in an article in the Wall Street Journal. You can click here to read the article, which is important, but more importantly you can help spread the word through social media by either sharing this article or the original from the WSJ.

Another great resource worth spreading was when Larry Keane of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) refutedHillary’s earlier attempt to make this false claim last fall.

The main point is we can create or support our own grass roots effort to correct the record, disseminate the true information and support and defend our Second Amendment freedoms. However, we have to all pull in the same direction.

What have you done, or will you be doing, to Support the Second Amendment? Share your experiences and ideas in the comment section.


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