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Armed Man Stops Carjacker – Holds Him at Gunpoint till Police Arrive – Cops Offer Thanks

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A would be carjacker was stopped by an armed citizen in Atlanta and held at gunpoint until police arrived.

Edgar Horn, 61, allegedly slipped into the passenger’s seat of his car as he pulled into a Family Dollar on Marietta Boulevard.

“You know what this is,” Horn allegedly told Fannin.

That’s when Fannin pulled out his gun and told Horn to get out of his car. Apparently Horn thought he could just leave, but Fannin wasn’t having any of that.

“I told him no, there’s no leaving, leaving was before you hopped into my car… at this point there is no leaving,” Fannin said.

At that point, he keep Horn face down on the ground with his gun pointed at him in the parking lot.

Cellphone video captured what took place.

“You not trying to rob me,” Fannin said to Horn.  “Do you just get into random people’s cars … you thought I was your friend … so you woke up stupid this morning?”

The video then shows police arriving as Fannin directs them over and puts his gun away. The officers shake Fannin’s hand, handcuff Horn and he is charged with attempted robbery and entering an automobile.

Fannin is just a law-abiding citizen who was going through his day when he was confronted with a criminal. However, rather than being a victim, Fannin was able to use his gun to stop a crime and make sure the criminal was apprehended.

Though he is older, Fannin still considered his mother in what took place. “Honestly, I look at it like this. That is one less guy I got to worry about bothering my mom when she’s out grocery shopping.”

We are constantly told by Marxist gun grabbers in this country that we don’t need guns, but here is yet another incident where a good guy with a gun thwarted a crime, protected his property and made sure a bad guy didn’t get away to commit another crime against someone else… all because he had a gun. Well done Mr. Fannin, well done!

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