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Thankfully, this employee was not only armed, but ready to be the good guy in the situation and end it before more lives were lost in the process.

The idea that only actual courts, being used as courts, can ban guns in a government complex, is a rational interpretation of the law.

Another incident where an armed citizen is able to prevent a severe injury to another by being in the right place at the right time.

The arguments presented by GOA and GOF cut to the heart of the National Firearms Act.

The deranged killer who murdered an innocent California police officer had his guns confiscated months prior to the murder, but the law did not stop this criminal from getting a gun.

Crimson Trace, a name recognized in the tactical and concealed carry world for their innovative laser sights is celebrating 25 years in business.  In doing so, they have two great giveaways in store.

A cop shot a fellow cop in the back—on video—leaving her in critical condition, and the department says he will not face discipline.

Outback Steakhouse ads have long carried the tagline “Outback: No Rules, Just Right.” In order to better reflect company values and bolster ongoing efforts at authenticity, we submit for consideration, “Outback: No Rights, Just Rules.”

FPC calls on every member of Congress to not only oppose and vote against these and other gun control bills, but to immediately introduce and pass important legislation to protect and advance the Second Amendment rights without further delay.

Less crime due to criminals weighing gains against the possibility of an armed victim? Sounds like the argument that gun-rights supporters have been making for a long time.