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Citigroup is setting restrictions on the sale of firearms by its business customers, making it the first Wall Street bank to take a stance in the divisive nationwide gun control debate.

You may think there is nothing to be concerned about, but history teaches us that the worst is yet to come for a people when tyranny continues in the land.

The major media loves to trumpet examples of black men shot by police. When there is an example of armed black men saving a policeman, with a gun, and when the Police Chiefs’ Association gives our fellow man an award for it, there is little coverage.

Attacks on open carriers may be rare because of tactical deterrence. Most criminals do not wish to attack an armed person. There is easier prey about. Melvin F. Bogus thought the young open carrier was easy prey. He was wrong.

Now, this is how things are supposed to work: Citizens looking out for each other in their community to deal with criminals.

Since 1999, the year referenced by the CDC, the agency’s own data show that the overall number of gun-related accidents are actually down more than 41 percent, though tens of millions more firearms have been purchased. 

A brief supporting Supreme Court review of a Fifth Circuit decision in a Second Amendment challenge to irrational federal gun control rules was filed by civil rights attorney Donald J. Kilmer, reports three constitutional rights advocacy groups who joined the brief.

The lawsuit claims police — without justification — kicked in the door to the apartment and began shooting, spraying bullets that hit Robinson 76 times.

At this point, there is at least some blowback against the Trump administration over the illegal bump stock ban by way of lawsuits being filed, but the people themselves are calling on the president to do the right thing and reverse the ATF’s unlawful rule.