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Well, if you’ve ever wanted to own one of these babies, now’s your chance to own two for free!  That’s right, Ballistic is giving away to one person a pair of custom auto ordnance Thompson 1927-A1s and they are sweet! From Ballistic: Want to learn about these two custom Auto

As more documents are uncovered in the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas shooting that led ultimately to the Trump administration violating the Constitution with what can only be deemed as an “ex post facto” law concerning the banning of bump stocks, we are hearing from individuals in police reports that

If you want to see what a city that imposes “common sense gun laws” looks like as those laws continue to mount, just take a look at Chicago, Illinois.  And as the “Summer Violence Season” opens in the Windy City, over this past weekend, 52 people were shot and 10

The Twitterverse isn’t letting Chris Cuomo off the hook, despite his frantic backpedaling, after he made an ill-considered comment on a video.

A senior U.S. District Court judge in California has issued a permanent injunction against the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s longstanding policy of “dissuading, discouraging, and preventing non-United States citizens from applying for a CCW license,” in a lawsuit brought by the Second Amendment Foundation, Calguns Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition.

If she had done a bit of research Watts would have discovered that NRA wasn’t alone in our opposition to “performance-based ammunition bans,” even ATF opposed the same legislation. In congressional hearings in 1982 and 1984, Department of the Treasury (where ATF was then located) Deputy Assistant Secretary for Enforcement, Robert Powis, testified against the same bills that NRA opposed.

Federal agencies in the hands of big pharmaceutical companies, and politicians using gun control to give a false hope to the American people, distracts them from the real cause of the current state of the nation and the frequency of mass shootings.

An armed homeowner in Bowling Green, Kentucky defended himself and his family as four thugs that kicked in his door and proceeded to walk into his bedroom. 

Following the unconstitutional ban on bump stocks, a Texas gun store owner was forced to destroy 73,000 bump stocks.  Now, he’s suing the government, and rightly so.

A school resource officer at Weightman Middle School in Wesley Chapel, Florida fired his gun in the school’s cafeteria this week causing students to flee for their lives thinking a mass shooting was taking place.