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When riots broke out in LA in 1992, police were only protecting the rich so Korean-Americans grabbed all the guns they could and successfully protected themselves.

As states across the country move to take away our Second Amendment rights, a man protecting a 12-year-old from a possible rapist proves why we need it.

Finally, someone in the judicial system in California with a brain and seems to hold to constitutionality!

The Pittsburgh City Council has become the enemy of the people of Pittsburgh, not it’s representation.

The problem here is when major, private companies have centralized control. In a free market, corporations should be able to do what they want. If you don’t like it, you support a competitor. But that’s not the system we have in the U.S.  Instead, it’s a system where cronyism has allowed a few large corporations to have massive control, and there are huge hurdles to anyone trying to create an alternative.

Officials in Colorado have passed a disturbing law that will allow police to confiscate people’s weapons based solely on unchallenged accusations from others.

A mother from West Virginia just made a very good case for carrying everywhere, 24-7.

While the state’s attorney general has threatened that sheriffs and police officers are to enforce the law and also threatened that they could be held liable for those who purchase semiautomatic rifles under the age of 21, many are speaking out saying that they have a constitutional duty and have taken an oath to not infringe on the rights of the citizens.

“Well obviously no sheriff wants to be confined in their own jail, but if that’s what it takes to get this bill ironed out, then I guess that’s a sacrifice I’ll be forced to make,” Reams replied. “The worst way to bring attention to it is for me to be put in that position, but I’ll do that before I’ll violate somebody’s constitutional rights.”

In the era of the “retail apocalypse,” look for this retailer to be added to the list of those closing stores or liquidating in 2019.