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Article first appeared at U.S.A. – -( In addition to having his house condemned, a 64-year-old New York homeowner is facing up to four years in prison for using an unregistered gun he inherited from his father to defend himself against a duo of repeat burglars, Bizpac Review Senior Staff Writer Vivek

Article first appeared at U.S.A.–-( Using the National Rifle Association headquarters in Virginia for a background, Democrat California Congressman Eric Swalwell unleashed a rabidly anti-gun scheme portrayed by CBS News as “an extensive gun violence prevention plan” that reads like a gun control wish list. Swalwell, who has suggested prosecuting gun owners

By now, if you use any form of social media whatsoever, you’ve probably seen the scary “mass shootings map” published by PBS, leading people to believe that they live in a terrifying place and that strict gun control is the only answer. You’ve probably read some of the cries for

While the mainstream media has the public enthralled in an epic battle between the “deep state” and the Trump administration, another agenda is steadily advancing forward. It’s a good thing Hillary isn’t President or else it would be a lot worse, let me tell you. On Tuesday, June 16, William

A California Democrat and presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris is vowing to change the federal guns law by “presidential fiat” if Congress won’t trample all over your rights. The authoritarian senator claims she could impose “near-universal background checks” and close the “boyfriend loophole” without new legislation. If Congress does not change

After New Zealand banned people from having guns in reaction to the terrible shooting in March, almost everyone is refusing to obey the law.

President Donald Trump has already successfully gotten more gun control done than his predecessor, Barack Obama.  But he doesn’t seem to want to stop at banning bump stocks.  He’s now “seriously” considering banning silencers.

If there are two things citizens can count on Democrats to do, it is to call our republic a democracy and attack the God-given individual unalienable rights of the people to keep and bear arms.  The latest Democrat to launch an attack on law-abiding gun owners and the National Rifle

The Twitterverse isn’t letting Chris Cuomo off the hook, despite his frantic backpedaling, after he made an ill-considered comment on a video.

According to the New York Times, the New York Police Department held a public hearing on amending the law, and they have taken written comments. New York politicians are fearful of taking the blame if the Supreme Court rules against the law, which would then affect gun laws across the entire country.