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Brent Leatherwood & His Fellow Southern Baptists

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Once again, evangelicals are proving themselves to be absolutely worthless in the preservation of our God-ordained liberties. This time it is the Southern Baptist Convention.

While usually quiet on the gun debate [in other words, offering no resistance to burgeoning anti-freedom gun control measures], Southern Baptists have now spoken out about the need for more aggressive firearm policies after The Covenant School shooting.

Brent Leatherwood — president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission within the Southern Baptist Convention — wrote an open letter to Gov. Bill Lee, House Speaker Cameron Sexton and every member of the legislature about his stance. He has three children who attend The Covenant School. Not only does he deal with the SBC, Leatherwood previously worked in politics, where he was the executive director of the Tennessee Republican Party.

The topic of gun legislation has become a powerful tool in the Tennessee General Assembly. Gov. Bill Lee proposed a red flag law last week in a press conference alone. No members in the supermajority of the Republican party have surged forward to take the lead on legislation nor stood with him in the press conference.

Leatherwood said he supported Lee’s efforts, and he reminded the assembly that Southern Baptists comprise more than one-fifth of the state’s population.

“This proposal restrains evil,” Leatherwood wrote. “Yes, it is true we live in a world tainted by terrible acts and deeds, but that is never an excuse for inaction. While it may not prevent every instance of this sort of violence, it will prevent some, and thereby save innocent lives. That should be more than enough reason to advance this proposal.”


So now the Tennessee Southern Baptist Convention has come out in full force in support of what can only be categorized as one of the most egregiously unconstitutional and unbiblical assaults on individual liberty and the right and duty of God-ordained self-defense that one could name: Red Flag gun confiscation laws.

No, Red Flag gun confiscation laws are not merely the evil machination of Democrats. Republican states such as Florida and Indiana have also enacted the sinister Stalinesque gun confiscation measures. Of course, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, who is pushing Red Flag gun confiscation laws in his State, is a Republican, and the Tennessee legislature is controlled by Republicans.

I cannot think of a more draconian, authoritarian, Marxist law than Red Flag gun confiscation laws.

Brent Leatherwood has proven to the world that he is totally and thoroughly ignorant of God’s Natural Laws of Liberty and of the repeated instruction of God’s Revealed Word regarding the Christian duty of Liberty and self-defense. Leatherwood might as well be a liberal, socialist Democrat, because he has lent his support to an egregious, socialist Democrat, un-American gun control law that will, without due process and without a man even committing a crime, take away his God-given right to defend himself and others.

Leatherwood stupidly said, “This proposal restrains evil.”

No it doesn’t! The law itself is evil! If gun control laws around the country prove anything, they prove that they—the gun control laws themselves—aid and abet gun violence.

The vast, vast majority of mass shootings take place in locations where the possession of a firearm is illegal. Evil minds intent on inflicting harm on their fellow man deliberately select places where their intended targets will be unarmed. Giving the government the authority to disarm free men and women—men and women who have never committed a crime—only serves to turn those individuals, and the friends and families who could have been protected by those lawfully armed citizens, into potential defenseless victims of future violence against them.

Leatherwood also said, “While it may not prevent every instance of this sort of violence, it will prevent some, and thereby save innocent lives. That should be more than enough reason to advance this proposal.”

That’s utter nonsense! That’s the same argument that every dictator in the world uses to enact their totalitarian disarmament and enslavement tyrannies upon their people.

Not only are Red Flag gun confiscation laws a serious abridgment against the right to keep and bear arms, these laws will not save the life of a single American.

In the first place, a firearm is used to SAVE somewhere between 500,000 (the most conservative number) and 2.5 million (the statistic confirmed by the CDC) lives EVERY YEAR. But, of course, the Marxist mainstream media never tells us about that reality.

In addition, statistics prove that cities and districts that have the strictest gun laws also have the highest levels of gun violence.

If Leatherwood was truly concerned about saving lives from gun violence, he would throw his enthusiastic support behind the proposal that all schools—starting with the school that his children attend—be ARMED. But, no, Leatherwood joins forces with Marxist gun-grabbers and calls for Red Flag gun confiscation laws.

In the second place, does any sane, rational person really believe that people who are determined to commit murder will be dissuaded from following through with those murderous intentions because a gun was taken from them? The idea is ludicrous!

All these Red Flag gun confiscation laws are doing is taking guns from people who had no intention of using their guns against anyone from the beginning.

Criminals never worry about laws and never have any difficulty breaking a law in order to both obtain a firearm and use the firearm unlawfully. The availability of the gun is not the issue; the criminality of the human heart is the issue—and NO LAW can fix that.

The truth is that compromising, politically correct, cowardly evangelical pastors and Christians such as Leatherwood are the real problem. If evangelical pastors had thrown away their modern Bible perversions (translations), stopped worrying about decreased attendance and offerings, stopped trying to curry favor with businessmen and politicians and begun courageously preaching the unvarnished TRUTH of God’s Holy Word, we wouldn’t be worrying about the societal collapse currently taking place in our country.

The moral, spiritual and societal collapse in America is the result of God’s judgment upon the church for its compromise and cowardice.

Brent Leatherwood wrote his open letter as if he is representing the entire Southern Baptist denomination in Tennessee. I wonder how many letters, emails and phone calls Leatherwood is receiving from Southern Baptist people in Tennessee, letting him know that he does NOT speak for them?

Some Bible-literate, pro-freedom Southern Baptist in Tennessee needs to send Mr. Leatherwood a copy of our book To Keep or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns. 

This book was written in collaboration with my constitutional attorney son, and it shows from the Holy Scriptures—both Old and New Testaments—how personal self-defense, and the means of self-defense, is a holy duty given to us by our Creator. No man or government of men has the lawful authority to disarm a free citizen until such time as that citizen has demonstrated via an act of violent aggression his forfeiture of his right to be armed.

All of these “pre-crime” police actions are unlawful and unjust to the laws of God and Nature.

Red Flag, “pre-crime” gun confiscation is merely the domestic side of the totalitarian agenda as “preemptive war” is the international side of the totalitarian agenda. Both come from the minds and hearts of evil would-be tyrants.

Mr. Leatherwood obviously knows nothing about the Natural Laws of God upon which America’s War for Independence was fought. He apparently knows nothing about Pastor Jonas Clark and Church of Lexington congregant—and the captain of the Lexington militia that withstood British troops on Lexington Green on April 19, 1775—John Parker.

Leatherwood must know nothing about the Biblical laws of Liberty and self-defense as taught in both the Old and New Testaments. He appears totally ignorant of the Natural Laws of Liberty upon which Thomas Jefferson and America’s founders wrote our Declaration of Independence and built our constitutional republic.

Brent Leatherwood is proving what I have been saying for years: On the whole, evangelical Christians are not only worthless to the preservation of the constitutional liberties of our country,  they are aiding and abetting the enemies of our liberties.

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Article posted with permission from Chuck Baldwin


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