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The danger facing gun owners is very real. Without a historic effort from pro-gun voters, gun control will be on agendas throughout the country come January. But the threat doesn’t come from a grassroots movement, it comes from a cadre of wealthy elites who are intent on eliminating your fundamental rights.

They call it another “common sense gun-control law”, but what the gun control groups ask for isn’t common sense at all. In fact, these so-called gun-safety measures are lethally dangerous.

Steel cartridge case use in handguns (as well as long guns) has been the source of controversy since their inception.

Bacon is back, appearing with gun-grab fanatic Julianne Moore, rich socialist Susan Sarandon, free speech ban devotee  Michael J. Fox (and other “stars” I’ve never heard of) in a Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown-funded “Make a Plan to Vote” video.

Imagine if you come home to find your treasured collection of firearms gone. Years of collecting and thousands of dollars down the drain. If only there were a way to protect your investment!

If you want to keep the freedoms you have, then you must exercise them. More people, including you, should be carrying a gun more often. The more people exercising their right to carry a gun, the more it will help prevent our 2nd Amendment right from being infringed on.

If they can make the Second Amendment too burdensome,  they calculate that the large voting bloc of law-abiding gun owners will shrink. That would then allow them to further restrict Americans’ right to bear arms.

The GCA is a child of the New Deal and Great Society mindset that places the government as an omnipotent administrator of human affairs. A paradigm shift in ideas is needed to break free from this top-down vision of society. Until then, gun lobbies face an uphill battle.

A federal appeals court recently upheld a labor arbitrator’s decision concluding that, in light of the state’s concealed carry law, an employer had improperly fired an employee for violating the company’s weapons policy.

It should be clear that criticism of the NRA is not restricted solely to hoplophobes and that there are indeed gun rights anti-NRA folks.  As for whose side the NRA is really on, I will leave that up to the reader.