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This entire incident appears to be highly suspicious for a number of reasons, possibly even staged.

This is just one example of why AK-47s are needed by law-abiding citizens.  Get that Senator Feinstein and the rest of you Communist gun confiscators posing as American representatives of the people?

It would be far less expensive and less invasive to simply recognize the right of the people in the matter and let the people do their duty to defend themselves, but this is what I have warned about.  The left attacks our rights head on and the right seeks to grow government without pushing back on what has been infringed.

Major institutions across the U.S. are taking a stand in the debate over gun control. Many gun control advocates believe this is a great move by American corporations. But what does it mean when corporations are punishing customers for behavior that is not illegal? Could these businesses become moral police?

Here is history lesson 101: America’s founding forefathers sent the message loud and clear that crimes (1 John 3:4) will not be tolerated, and justice deters crime.

How about instead of constantly trying to shield our little snowflakes by locking our guns “safely away,” which only reinforces to them how scary they are, we instead, as responsible parents, teach them to respect firearms.

It’s time we stood up to Communists like Rep. Swalwell and said, “Enough is enough.”  Our representatives are not authorized to restrict or regulate arms in any way, no matter what those arms look like or what you call them.

Reports are that 9 students and 1 teacher were killed in that attack.

Lying and whining and emotional commentary by those seeking to represent the people and undermine our God-given rights is what is not going to get us where we need to be.

The man said it never crossed his mind that someone might have mistaken his bassoon for a rifle.