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Cleaning Supplies For New Shooters

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A. Made of rugged, chemical- and solvent-resistant polypropylene plastic, the MTM Gun Vise is designed to accommodate a variety of firearms for cleaning, maintenance and gunsmithing. Rubberized touchpoints protect your firearm’s finish, while a single cam-activated lever anchors the firearm securely in a non-marring hold. The base contains 11 compartments for separating gun components and 21 additional slots are ideal for holding screwdriver bits and cleaning jags. MSRP: $65.59; mtmcase-gard.com

B. A lint-free replacement for traditional gun rags, one swipe from the Sentry Products Group Tuf-Cloth applies lubrication to your firearm in the form of an oil-free, water-displacing, micro-bonding crystal barrier that protects from rust and repels debris. MSRP: $11.99; sentrytactical.com

C. The Otis Technology Patriot Series Pistol Cleaning Kit comes with virtually every component a shooter needs to maintain a 9 mm/.380 ACP or .38-caliber handgun packaged in a sturdy, plastic case with a hinged snap-lock lid. The 12-piece kit includes an 8-inch length of the company’s Memory-Flex cleaning cable, which allows users to properly clean the gun from breech to muzzle. The cable features a special coating that prevents damage while being pulled through the handgun’s bore. An included T-Handle can be used as a rod with the cleaning cable or as a stand-alone tool with multiple functions. Four different drive bits (5/32 Hex, T20, Phillips No. 0 and Phillips No. 2) are included for additional firearm maintenance. MSRP: $22.99; otistec.com

D. An environmentally friendly, multi-purpose cleaner, when used on firearms Ballistol cleans and dissolves copper fouling as well as brass and zinc residue. Since it molecularly bonds to metals, it keeps your firearms completely protected. It is available in different sizes and formats, including aerosol spray, liquid and wipes. MSRP: $25 to $90; ballistol.com

E. The firm, synthetic-rubber surface of Lyman Products’ The Essential Gun Maintenance Mat allows you to safeguard your handgun’s finish and your workbench simultaneously. Molded-in storage compartments contain any spills, while also keeping small parts and tools organized and preventing them from rolling into oblivion during periodic cleaning and/or maintenance sessions. $21.50; lymanproducts.com




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