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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2024

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As a dad myself, let me be the first to proclaim that we get screwed when it comes to receiving gifts. Look no further than the types of gifts we often receive. Topping the list are cards, outings, and clothing (the dreaded necktie). I don’t know about you, but if I get a card… I’m like a kid — I want to see the money! Clothes I’ll pick myself (or at least have a say in the selection), and outings… they can be cool. But what do we really want? Guns and gear!

So, listen up. Whether you are looking for suggestions for your loved ones — or doing it right and buying your own Father’s Day gift — here’s a few top choices to get started.

Skinner Sights Concealed Carry HTF Garment Bag

Skinner Sights Concealed Carry HTF Garment Bag
Probably the coolest gift your favorite dad does not already have.

This is by far the coolest gift you can get dad — and one you can be sure he does not already have. It’s a travel/bug-out bag that does not look like a tactical firearms case. The HFT Garment Bag is designed to hang in your closet or vehicle without drawing unwanted attention. Although there is nothing “Normal” about this case, it also works as a normal garment bag if needed.

Skinner’s garment bag is designed to hold a long gun, two handguns, three 30-round rifle mags, 8 handgun mags, a knife, flashlight, and miscellaneous accessories inconspicuously, securely, and ready at a moment’s notice.

Featuring removable emergency holsters, the HFT Garment bag is constructed of heavyweight Cordura and premium heavyweight stitching. Sturdy Hanger (World’s Strongest Hanger) supports the contents securely yet removes for convenient folded “Fully Loaded” carry. Skinner Sight’s “HTF Garment Bag” is crafted at its Montana Skinner Sewing shop. $189

Sight Pusher

Are you looking for a gift for do-it-yourself dad? Does dad like to tinker? XS Sights makes one of the coolest, easiest to use sight pushers on the market. I am going to go out on a limb and say all gun owning dads have a handgun with a rear dovetail sight. And, all those same dads blame the kid at the factory for misaligning the sights when the gun was built.

XS Sights sight pusher tool
No more excuses! Tune your sights quickly and easily at home or the range.

XS Sights rear sight tool makes tuning your sights a snap. (Beware of taking away dad’s excuse for missing bullseye!) Besides a quick tune-up, dad may want to swap his guns’ sights for night sights, suppressor height sights, or just something bright that makes acquiring the sight picture easier. Fortunately, XS sights has a complete line of sights, combo kits for sights, and of course, a sight pusher. Also, it is a great American company out of Texas. Check out its About XS page. $167

Hearing Protection

When a woman has a child, she gains a superpower — extreme hearing. She even hears no sound at all and immediately knows something bad is going on. When a man becomes a dad, he gains a new superpower known as selective hearing. We can hear our buddy asking about a range day, but fail to hear mom telling him to take out the trash before he goes. What can I say? You have to trust the science on this… but it does get worse over time. There is a little one cure though, known as hearing protection. You get baby teeth and adult teeth, but there’s no second chance when it comes to hearing. Too many dads (moms and kids too) are relying on passive hearing protection.

Array of hearing protection types
They will all work to protect your hearing, but that does not mean they are all equal.

Hey! Foam ear plugs are cheap and work to suppress noise. However, today’s active hearing protection with Bluetooth, sound suppression technology allow the shooter to hear the conversation, commands, and wildlife around them while protecting their hearing, answering a call or listening to music.


Suppressor, Silencer, Can, Hush Puppy… different people may call them by differing monikers, but the end result is a quieter shot. Beyond being fun to shoot, the blast is reduced (less flinching during the shot) and a quieter report which is crucial to protecting your hearing.

Banish Speed K suppressor
Designed in partnership with Federal Ammunition and law enforcement professionals, the Speed K was built for those in uniform who demand excellence from their equipment. The silencer is constructed with 100% Inconel for durability and lower heat retention. Passing seven rounds of SOCOM testing, the Speed K is extremely durable and won’t fail when it matters most. One round of SOCOM testing puts 1,440 rounds through the suppressor in a short period. Many suppressors don’t pass one round of SOCOM testing, let alone seven rounds!

The downside was cost and time. Suppressors have come down in price, but you’ll still have a $200 tax stamp added to the final price tag. Beyond that, there is fingerprinting, background checks, etc. to contend with before you actually lay hands on your suppressor. While there are several models, such as the multi-caliber Banish from Silencer Central. Pick a model such as the Banish 45 and you’ll be set when shooting any pistol caliber from .45 ACP down to a rimfire.

CTD Gift Card
A CTD gift card allows dad to pick what gifts he wants!

Because you’ll need to go through the paperwork process, I’d recommend getting a gift card from Cheaper Than Dirt and letting dad pick the model he prefers. Recently, I have been working three Banish models. Early indications are excellent.

Streamlight Microstream LED Pen Light

The Microstream LED flashlight was developed for multiple tasks – automotive, industrial, law enforcement, or just about anything else that comes your way. Much like a gun, a flashlight is only useful if you have it within reach when you need it. At 3.87 inches and being powered via a USB port (Who wants to hassle with batteries these days?), stow a Microstream in your vehicle, toolbox, desk drawer, or pocket, and you’ll never miss the space. $39

Streamlight MicroStream
Batteries always seem to be dead when you need the light the most. Check out the Microstream with USB charging.

Lucid Optics LITL Mo Red Dot Sight

Red dot sights are all the rage right now for those who carry concealed, target shooting, home and self-defense. Instead of aligning the sights, you simply put the dot on the spot and press the trigger.

Lucid Optics Litl Mo red dot sight
Red dot sights make shooting as easy putting the dot on the spot and squeezing the trigger.

There are tons of options for you to choose from when selecting an optic to mount to your firearm. Each brand makes their own version with different specifications and features, but when it comes to simplicity, Lucid Optics wears the crown. The LITL Mo red dot sight is a prime example. This micro red dot is designed to be as user friendly as possible. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. This optic is as simple as two buttons, a plus and minus sign to increase or decrease the reticle intensity. The reticle is a 3 MOA red dot which offers a perfect blend of speed and precision. The dot is fueled by a single CR1632 battery which will give you more than enough battery life. $236

Lucid P8 4x24mm Prismatic Rifle Scope

Not everyone has a pistol or wants an optic for personal self-defense ranges. When it comes to rifles, Lucid has you covered with its P8 Prismatic Rifle Scope.

Lucid Optics P8 Prismatic rifle scope
Lucid’s P8 Prismatic rifle scope provides a the quick, accurate aim point without the weight or long footprint.

When you need eyes on the target, but don’t want a large optic, Lucid has the small footprint you’re looking for. The P8 provides a clean clear picture in compact, lightweight offering. The P8’s body is constructed with a 6061 Aluminum providing a lightweight, yet sturdy, build. The fully multi-coated ED Glass provides plenty of light transmission for low light or shady conditions without sacrificing clarity. This allows the shooter to make the most of the 4x magnification and properly identify your target. $375

Guns and Ammo

What list would be complete with few guns and tons of ammo. While Cheaper Than Dirt has racks of guns and crates of ammo to choose from, here are a few that on sale.

Taurus G3c

When it comes to concealed carry, you are preparing for the worst while praying for the best. Life does not give you many second chances, but the Taurus G3c does. Unlike most striker-fired pistols, the G3c has the capability to “restrike” the trigger without resetting the action. However, when a follow-up shot is required, the G3c’s trigger features an articulated trigger safety and a short reset. With a 3.2-inch barrel, excellent ergonomics, and a weight of only 22 ounces, the G3c offers the performance you need without excess length or weight.

Taurus G3c 9mm semi auto pistol
While the G3c is basically the same size as the G2, it has improvements in grip texture, trigger, and sights.
  • Action: Striker-fired
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 12 rounds
  • Overall length: 6.3 inches
  • Height: 5.1 inches
  • Width: 1.2 inches
  • Barrel: 3.20 inches, 1:10 RH twist
  • Frame: Polymer, black
  • Slide: Steel alloy, black Tenifer finish
  • Sights: Steel fixed white dot front sight and serrated steel, drift-adjustable, rear sight
  • Weight: 22 ounces


MTM 4-Can Ammo Crate
MTM 4-Can Ammo Crate

It’s hard to wrong when getting a shooter ammo as a gift. Fortunately, Cheaper Than Dirt is running some fantastic sales right now!

Article by DAVE DOLBEE


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