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First Look: Anderson Mfg. Dissipator Rifle

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Anderson Manufacturing has just launched a new AR-15 carbine variant, the 5.56 Anderson AM-15 Dissipator, available exclusively through Classic Firearms. This new carbine has a layout like an AR-15A4 or M-16A4, but with a shorter 16-inch-long barrel compared to the 20-inch barrel of the original. The furniture, front sight base and other accessories are the classic A2 style.

“The A4 Dissipator gives a classic rifle a slight refresh, maintaining a true to original rifle gas system while adding a flat top receiver to mount modern optics. The rifle gas system on a 16-inch barrel offers an extremely smooth recoil impulse and long sight radius, while maintaining a short overall length. This rifle answers the question: ‘What would have happened if the original chopped M16 made it all the way to the A4 generation?’” said Truman Brough, a Product Engineer at Anderson Manufacturing.

When it comes to AR-15s, “dissipator” refers to a carbine or rifle having a standard, full-length, traditional direct-gas-impingement tube while having a barrel shorter than the normal 18 or 20 inches. The idea behind the dissipator concept is to build a carbine with a shorter 16-inch barrel but with the same reliability, smoothness and handling characteristics of a firearm equipped with the standard full length gas tube. As a rule of thumb in the AR world, the longer the gas tube is the smoother the action operates which is why some builders like to develop dissipator configured carbines.

The retail price for this new carbine starts at $599.99 and the firearm ships with a cable lock, one ASC 30-round magazine, an owner’s manual, a chamber flag and a decal. For more information on the new AM-15 Dissipator carbine or other products from Anderson Manufacturing, please at andersonmanufacturing.com.


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