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First Look: Apex Tactical Hi Power Magazine Well

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Apex Tactical Specialties, known for their high end aftermarket accessories for a wide variety of firearms, is now shipping a new low-profile magazine well for the Browning Hi Power/ Springfield SA-35 pattern 9mm single-action, semi-automatic handguns, adding a modern touch to one of history’s most iconic handguns.

The magazine well is compatible with Browning Hi Power models Mk I – III, Springfield Armory SA-35 and the Girsan MC P35/P35 PI models. Installation does not require extensive gunsmithing, as Apex Tactical Specialties created this low profile mag well to be installed with hand tools. SA-35s require no frame cutting or modification for a near-seamless fit. However, the use of this mag well will require the use of Apex Tactical’s 17 or 19 round 9mm magazines, which are designed to work in conjunction with the magazine well. This will also increase the capacity of your pistol from the original 13 or 15 round standard magazines.

Apex Tactical Low Profile Magazine Well Specifications:

  • Provides larger colosseum style frame entrance for faster reloads with minimal additional bulk or length, adding just ¼ inch to the bottom of your pistol
  • Engineered magazine well to frame entry interface improves magazine to frame channel alignment with the SA-35 factory frame bevels
  • Must be used with Apex 17- or 19-round magazines
  • Fits in IDPA ESP Division Box using Apex 17-round magazines
  • Smoother, faster reloads with less chance of error
  • Simple, straightforward installation using simple hand tools
  • Requires no frame cutting or welding for a near-seamless fit on SA-35 models only
  • Minor alterations to the BHP and Girsan frame is needed to attach properly
  • Machined from a billet of StressProof Steel for durability and black oxide finished

MSRP for the Apex Tactical low profile magazine well for Hi Power pistols is $200, and for more information on this product or other gear from ApexTactical, please visit apextactical.com.


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