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First Look: Blaser B2 Riflescope Line

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Blaser Group is introducing a new second-focal-plane riflescope line to the American shooting market, the new German-made B2 Series. Each scope in the B2 product line makes use of world-class German optical performance parts and are designed to work in tandem with thermal clip-on devices for nighttime hunting.

The new B2 riflescope family consists of the 1-6×24 iC, 2-12×50 iC and  2.5-15×56 iC models. The entire Blaser B2 line features a 30 mm diameter main tube and and the magnification zoom lever and other elements are designed with move with shorter range of motion, making it easy to adjust magnification with minimal disturbance of the shooter’s position. All B2 riflescope models feature daylight-bright illuminated fiber optic 4C reticles that sit on the second focal plane. The illumination setting can be locked in place as well. For an extra $300, Blaser has their QDC+ (Quick Distance Control + ) feature that allows the shooter to adjust shooting distances up to 500 meters directly on the elevation turrets of any B2 riflescope. Blaser includes 10 interchangeable engraved rings that cover a wide base of hunting ammunition. Shooters can also mark a blank ring with their own individual markings

“The Blaser B2 Riflescopes feature excellent German built optics optimized for big game hunting and for use with the Liemke clip on thermal devices,” said Jason Evans, CEO, Blaser Group USA. “The premium optics and design make this line of scopes ideal of all hunters who want the option of hunting in daylight or darkness, which thermal clip on devices make possible.”

Blaser B2 Riflescope Family Product Features:

  • Made in Germany
  • 30 mm main tubes
  • Second-focal-plane
  • Blaser SLP (Smart Lens Protection hydrophobic coating)
  • Illuminated 4C reticles
  • QDC+ (Optional)

MSRP for the scopes in the Blaser B2 line varies from $1,700 to $1,900. For more information on this optics or other products from Blaser, please visit blaser-group.com.



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