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First Look: CrossBreed Rose Holsters For The SIG Sauer P365

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CrossBreed Holsters is once again collaborating with Lena Mickulek, the renowned competitive shooter to make its Reckoning holsters available for her special edition SIG Sauer Rose P365 XL Comp and P365 380 striker fired slimline concealed carry pistols. The CrossBreed Reckoning holster is a hybrid holster that includes a Kydex shell for the pistol along with a leather backer to maximize comfort to the wearer. It features a retention device directly underneath the trigger guard that is also user adjustable to his or her preferences. The CrossBreed Reckoning’s design is also intended to be worn with various carry positions including the classic strongside IWB (inside the waistband), crossdraw or AIWB (appendix inside the waistband) with the proper hardware. The Reckoning is also compatible with additional CrossBreed holster accessories such as the belly band holster and the Accomplice magazine carrier adapter, which lets users rig up a combination holster and magazine carry system into a complete concealed carry system.

Rose series pistols are special-edition offerings in SIG Sauer’s popular P365 handgun series. The SIG Sauer P365 pistol family is primarily designed around EDC (everyday carry) and civilian personal protection. These handguns are available in either 9mm or .380 ACP in different trim sizes.

The Reckoning holster follows behind CrossBreed’s two other concealment-holster models which are also available under Lena Mickulek’s Rose special edition series, the Xecutive and the Modular. Like those two holsters, the new CrossBreed Reckoning features a Rose pattern print on the Kydex along with Rose colored accented holster hardware. The CrossBreed Lena Mickulek Rose holster for either Rose SIG Sauer P365 variants has a starting retail price of $90. To learn more about these holsters or other products from CrossBreed, please visit crossbreedholsters.com. To learn more about the Lena Miculek Rose series of firearms, please visit sigsauer.com.


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