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First Look: First Spear Concealable Vests

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First Spear is now shipping two new discreet concealable armored vests/plate carriers, the Slick and the Deceptor. Both of these plate carriers are designed to be discreet and fit under uniforms or other load bearing gear, while still being able to accommodate rifle-rated and special threat plates. The First Spear Slick plate carrier is concealable vest system that is thin and lightweight enough to be rolled up and stowed in a cargo pocket with the plates removed. The Deceptor plate carrier, on the other hand, is not as light-weight as the Slick, but can still be concealed under your garments. The Slick is a lightweight minimalist low visibility carrier that is built to be worn underneath garments, not meant to be worn as external plate carrier. Both of these vests are designed to accommodate matching SAPI cut plates or other armor choices in addition to 6 by 6 inch lateral ballistic panel inserts.

First Spear Deceptor Plate Carrier Features:

  • Compatible with Ragnar pockets
  • Stretch and non-stretch shoulder straps included
  • Accepts SAPI cut plates and soft armor of the same size as this carrier
  • (Armor not included)
  • Available in Black, Ranger Green or Coyote Tan

First Spear Slick Plate Carrier Features: 

  • Lightweight minimalist low visibility carrier
  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Accepts SAPI ballistic plates the same size as the carrier.
  • Swimmer cut plate carriers  available
  • Cannot hold soft armor inserts
  • Colors: Coyote Tan

The Slick has an MSRP of $119.87, while the Deceptor has an MSRP of $279.16. Both of these vests ship without inserts. Ballistic armor inserts which comply with NIJ Category IIIA.06 or other specific military requirements are also available from First Spear. Please visit first-spear.com for more information on both of these items or other products from First Spear.



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