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First Look: G9 Defense .308 Winchester 145-grain Barrier Blind Solid Copper Hollow Point

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Its a poorly kept secret that many defensive ammunitions—particularly when chambered in dual-purpose calibers—double as excellent big-game rounds. G9 Defense .308 Win 145-grain Barrier Blind Solid Copper Hollow Point ammunition is no exception to this rule. Barrier Blind Solid Copper Hollow Point from G9 is built to provide exceptional barrier penetration, great expansion and 18 inches of target penetration with nearly 100-percent weight retention. This makes the ammunition not only capable of zero to minimal deflection through windshields and car doors, but also makes it incredibly capable when encountering big-game animals’ bones.

308 BBHP cartridges

The .308 145gr Barrier Blind Hollow Point (BBHP) is a non-lead alternative utilizing CNC manufacturing to perform better than traditional lead-based projectiles. The BBHP is compliant with California law, and can be used anywhere that hunting with lead is prohibited.

Upon contact with its target, the BBHP opens to 2x to 2.5x the size of the bullet, producing a consistent 18-inch wound track. Due to the nature of CNC manufacturing, reliability promises to exceed traditional jacketed hollow points. In conventional ammunition, the jacket sometimes separates from the core, spoiling any chance of uniform terminal performance. This is not the case with G9’s machined solid copper projectiles. The three petals open and do not fold over beyond maximum expansions during terminal impacts, thanks to precut fracture points. Muzzle velocity sits around 2950 fps out of a 24-inch barrel.

G9 Defense 145gr .308 Win. is also available with Alpha Brass. Its Optimized Case Head Design (OCD) is intended to exceed performance standards typically associated with cases, for single-digit standard deviations and next-level accuracy. Learn more about Alpha Munitions at alphamunitions.com, and G9 Defense at g9defense.comMSRP: $58.99/Box of 20



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