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First Look: Hornady SnapSafe Modular Safe

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Gun safes rarely move after that Olympic weightlifting team squeezes it through your front door. It’s ideal, intimidating and there’s no doubt it deters everything except professional thieves with explosives training. Unfortunately, the monoliths don’t fit in every home and the job market is more mobile than ever.

Modern gun owners are a diverse breed, but the responsibility to secure their firearms in a manner that prevents unauthorized access is a shared one. Hornady’s SnapSafe Modular Safe line provides a versatile, moveable solution for today’s enthusiasts.

One of the closet-friendly models in the Hornady-produced line is the Titan, seen here. It measures 59 inches tall, 22 wide and 17.5 deep. Twelve long guns safely stow in its confines. It has eight locking bolts, features 9-gauge steel construction on the exterior walls and weighs 400 crime-deterring pounds. Its unique design, however, is modular, which allows it to be carried to any desired location one piece at a time and assembled in private. Add a few firearms and cartridges and it’s a tough move, unless you have the combination. Then you can remove the contents, disassemble the components, dust underneath and inform that realtor that it doesn’t need to be included in the listing.

It’s a cunning piece of engineering that addresses today’s fluid job market, without sacrificing safety. MSRP is $1,859.



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