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First Look: MDT ORYX Bipod

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MDT Sporting Goods is launching two models of the new MDT Oryx Bipod. The first is for use with the popular M-Lok accessory system, while the second uses the more-traditional sling swivel stud to mount to your rifle. The Oryx was designed from the start to need just one hand to swiftly stow, deploy, adjust cant tension and extend the legs, allowing you to set up your shot while maintaining control of your firearm. The streamlined design means it’s less likely to snag on obstacles in the field or at a match, and the lightweight profile won’t slow you down at a long match or a long day at the range.

The Oryx’s rubber feet take their cues from soccer cleats and tire treads, and offer secure traction across diverse surfaces. In addition, both legs of the bipod can be stowed without the need to press a button. There is a lever on the base of the bipod to adjust the cant of your rifle, and each leg is individually adjustable for length, allowing you to adapt to almost any shooting situation. The buttons that control leg length are protected from being clogged by external debris, and the length position on the legs are numbered for easier repeats of a shooting position.

Oryx Bipod Features

  • High-traction rubber feet
  • Intuitive buttonless stowing
  • Adjustable tilt (cant) tension lever
  • Button internals are shielded from debris
  • Numbered leg positions
  • Deploy with just a quick flick

MDT Oryx Bipod Specifications:

  • Weight: 11 ounces (M-Lok version), 12.5 ounces (Sling swivel stud version)
  • Material: High-strength polymer
  • Height: 7.2 to 10 inches, measured from the pivot point
  • Head Adjustments: 50-degree cant
  • Footprint Width: 9 to 11.5 inches

MSRP for the MDT Oryx Bipod is $99.95, and more information on this product and other gear from MDT is available at mdttac.com.


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