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First Look: Rossi R95 Rifle In 45-70 Gov’t.

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Rossi USA is expanding its R95 lever action carbine product line by now offering them in the classic .45-70 Gov’t chambering in addition to the original 30-30 Win. chambering. These new Rossi R95 .45-70 lever guns will be available in barrel lengths of 16.5, 20 and 22 inches.

Originally introduced during 2023 in .30-30 Win, the Rossi R95 lever action carbine is a Brazilian-made lever action carbine built around a cold-hammer-forged barrel, a large loading gate and a hand-polished action. Standard models are dressed up with classically styled straight walnut stocks and fore-ends while all the metal parts are done in a traditional blued finish. Rossi R95 lever action carbines are also drilled and tapped for optics from the factory for an added level of convenience for shooters wishing to enhance their firearms.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Rossi R95 .45-70 Gov’t model, expanding our R95 line to provide shooters with a powerful and customizable lever-action rifle,” said Jorge Spat, Product Manager. “With its classic aesthetics, advanced features, and multiple barrel length options, the R95 .45-70 Gov’t is designed to meet the diverse needs of firearm enthusiasts.”

The .45-70 Gov’t cartridge is a .45-caliber straight walled rifle cartridge dating back to the second half of the 19th century. Its use and design predates the use of smokeless propellants and originally used a 70-grain charge of black powder to push a 405-grain .45-caliber slug. During its day, this cartridge was chambered in many prominent rifles, including the Sharps rifle, and the US Army’s Springfield Armory Trapdoor single shot rifle of buffalo wars fame. Upon the lever action’s acceptance during the last quarter of that century, the .45-70 Gov’t became a staple chambering for big-bored large-framed lever actions, such as the Winchester Model 1886. To this day, it continues as a big-bore staple. To learn more about Rossi USA’s newly released .45-70 R95 lever-action carbines, please visit rossiusa.com.



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