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First Look: Safariland OR RDSO 6000 Holsters

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The Safariland Group is launching a new variant of its duty-oriented RDO (red-dot optic) compatible 6000 Series holsters.

The original red-dot compatible 6000 Series duty holsters makes use of a flip-up dust cover to protect the mounted optic in the holster. However, the new RDSO 6000 Series has an open pocket that is part of the holster body to protect mounted optics which replaces the original flip-up dust cover in favor of an open cover. This change allows a wide variety of slide-mounted, electronic red-dot sights to be installed on a handgun without having to worry about the optic’s shape clashing with the contour of the flip-up cover itself. Both the 6390 RDSO and the 6354 RDSO holsters make use of Safariland’s well-known ALS (Automatic Locking System) to secure the firearm in place. The optional Safariland QLS 19 Locking Fork allows for these 6000 Series holsters to be used on a wide variety of mounting platforms, provided the compatible QLS 22 Receiver Plate is installed.

“Safariland customers asked, and we answered with the new RDSO 6000 series holsters,” said Eric Gasvoda, the General Manager of Duty Gear For Safariland Group. “Red-dot sights are integral to modern firearm design and usage. Safariland’s 6000 Series holsters continue to evolve and find innovative ways to provide active retention while protecting the firearm and its accessories.”

Safariland RDSO 6000 Series Holsters Key Features:

  • ALS (Automatic Locking System) to secure firearms
  • Completely open top holster for ease of drawing and reupholstering
  • Designed specifically for use with handguns that have mounted red-dot optics
  • Optional ALS guard for additional security
  • SafariLaminate thermal molded holster body
  • Internal suede lining to protect firearm and finish
  • Standard three-hole pattern for use with all Safariland mounting systems

MSRP for the RDSO 6000 series of holsters varies by model and features. For more information on these holsters or other products from Safariland, please visit safariland.com.



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