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IWI Issues Recall on Carmel Rifle

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IWI US, Inc. (IWI) has determined a limited number of its Carmel rifles have a safety issue with the firing pin blocker and are thereby subject to a safety warning and recall notice. IWI is issuing this mandatory recall to repair the safety issue in the limited range of Carmel rifles listed below. IWI will correct affected firearms at absolutely no cost to the customer, and this recall does not affect any other IWI products.

This safety recall notice affects only 1,094 Carmel rifles, specifically those shipped serial numbers from CH001385 to CH003328. Carmel’s outside that range are not included in this notice.

Owners have two methods of submitting their Carmel rifle for modification. They can visit the official recall page and fill out the web form to initiate the firearm’s return to the company, or call IWI customer service at (717) 695-2081. Be sure to have the rifle’s eight-digit serial number handy if taking the latter route.

Regardless of choice in initiating the rifle’s return, IWI customer service will send shipping instructions that include a pre-addressed shipping label.

Upon receipt of the shipping label, owners should follow instructions found in the owner’s manual and render the firearm safe. Be sure to remove the magazine from the firearm and clear any ammunition that remains. Double check no cartridge remains in the chamber. Then use the pre-addressed shipping label and ship the rifle to IWI for service. Once received by the company the rifle will be repaired and returned to within four to six weeks.

IWI apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused and will service any affected rifle in the most expedited manner possible. Owners who have questions about this recall, the rifle, or its disassembly or reassembly, should contact IWI customer service by calling (717) 695-2081.

Article by GUY J. SAGI


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