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According to recently leaked reports from the New York Times, Joe Biden is about to bypass Congress AGAIN to implement Universal Background Registration Checks (UBCs).

His ATF bureaucrats are drafting a new rule that would expand background check requirements to cover nearly ALL firearm sales…

…Meaning that Biden’s ATF will soon be able to gather the name, address, social security number, and other personal information about ALMOST EVERYONE who legally purchases a gun.

Enforcing UBCs requires gun registration – and with Joe Biden or another radical anti-gunner in the White House, that will quickly end with gun confiscation.

Gun Owners of America is planning to file a lawsuit to block Biden’s new rule.

And we won’t stop there: We’ll also pressure Congress to slash the funding for this new rule and punish the legislators who voted for the Cornyn-Murphy bill that enabled this tyranny.

But to successfully challenge this rule in the courts and defund it during the appropriations process in Congress, we’re going to need your support.

Please make a contribution to our 2A Protection Fund to fuel our multi-front battle against Biden’s new Universal Background Registration Checks rule.

When the Cornyn-Murphy gun control “compromise” was before Congress, GOA warned that changes to the definition of a “gun dealer” would be weaponized by anti-gunners to implement backdoor Universal Background Checks.

And it didn’t take long for them to do exactly that…

The anti-gunners at Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown have thrown their full weight behind the push to implement UBCs.

They’ve gone as far as to rebrand private firearm sales as “the gun seller loophole” and “the growing digital loophole” to defend Biden’s use of executive action.

No matter what terms anti-gunners invent to try and justify it, this executive order is blatantly unconstitutional infringement with no basis in the text or history of the Second Amendment.

Your Second Amendment rights are God-given. Not government-given.

But Biden’s new rule would give the federal government unprecedented power to infringe on the constitutional rights of law-aiding Americans.

It would prohibit you from selling your own privately-owned firearms for a “profit” without a federal firearms license or a background check.

The rule would also redefine the term “dealer” to set a maximum number of firearms sales that a private citizen may engage in per year without needing a federal firearms license.

Anti-gunners are pushing to limit gun collectors and sellers to just 5 transactions per year!

If you don’t register, you’ll face 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine – and the Biden Administration is planning to aggressively prosecute anyone who doesn’t comply.

This new rule would quickly lead to the DEATH of the Second Amendment.

Joe Biden has already used executive fiat to BAN 40,000,000 firearms with attached stabilizing braces – and he’s not going to stop there.

His ultimate goal is to ban ALL firearms.

Universal Background Registration Checks would pave the way for confiscation the next time Biden (or a future president) unilaterally implements a gun ban.

That’s why I’m asking grassroots gun owners like YOU to help GOA marshal the funds we need to kill Biden’s new rule as quickly as possible.

So please, make a contribution to our 2A Protection Fund to fuel our multi-front battle against Biden’s new Universal Background Registration Checks rule.

Article by Erich Pratt 

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