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Legislator Calls for Ban of Right to Open Carry Following City Shooting

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A recent shooting in Colorado Springs, which left three people dead, has brought about a ridiculous and unlawful call from a Colorado Springs City Councilman to end the practice of open carry in the city, claiming that it may have delayed police response.

KKTV reports:

Police have identified the first person killed as 35-year-old Andrew Myers. He was riding his bike along Prospect Street when he was shot and killed.

Then the gunman walked to Platte and Wahsatch and shot two women. Jennifer Vasquez, 42, was a mother of two. We talked to her family during Sunday night’s vigil.

Martinez’s dad Eloy Navarro told us their family is touched by the show of support from the community.

“We’re just saddened by all this that happened, and like they were saying, we can’t understand why, and when it’s going to stop,” Navarro said.

The other woman was Christy Gallela. She was also a mother of two. Her family told us she was trying to turn her life around. They believe our country should talk about gun violence.

CNN added:

A pedestrian told KRDO, “The cop pulled up and said, ‘Drop your gun,’ and as soon as I heard that I got on my stomach in the median and they started shooting at each other and the bullets went over me.”

Now, Councilman Bill Murray, no, not that Bill Murray, is attacking open carry! Yes, another one of these liberal politicians from Colorado is willing to attack that people’s rights rather than point out the criminal’s behaviors.

“Open-carry is a privilege, it is not a right,” Murray said at a council meeting this week, seeking to take steps to restrict it. “Why would a person openly carry a weapon down the street, except to intimidate?”

Probably because it is a right they have under the Second Amendment of the Constitution and the laws of the State of Colorado.

However, not to worry, Mr. Murray has the full support of criminal Michael Bloomberg’s lying organization Moms Demand Action.

“The (dispatcher) explained (to the 911 caller) that Colorado law allows public handling and display of firearms,” Brooke Squires, with Moms Demand Action said. “Within ten minutes of the initial 911 call, the gunman had killed three people. Law enforcement agencies around the state admit that open-carry causes confusion and uncertainty for 911 dispatchers who receive reports of weapons being openly carried.”

The issue is not legal open carry. The issue is a criminal mind. I ask Councilman Murray, why are all the law-abiding citizens in your city not doing the same thing as this man? Why are they somehow obeying the law and not harming anyone? Yet, you are asking to infringe on the rights of the many because of the infringement of the law by one? You should be ashamed of yourself… and you should be removed from your office for not seeing the God-given right of all individuals to defend themselves!

Thank God for mayors like Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers, who said he had no plans to restrict the people’s rights to openly carry their guns.

“What your open carry laws are don’t dictate what your violent crime rate is,” Suthers said.

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