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Magnum Research Announces the .360 Buckhammer BFR

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Magnum Research has announced the first handgun to be offered in Remington’s .360 Buckhammer (BHMR) cartridge. With excellent ballistic performance for its class, the .360 Buckhammer is optimized to deliver performance and drop that is ideal across common hunting ranges. This straight-walled cartridge is built with quality Remington components for reliable ignition, and a Core-Lokt .358 caliber bullet delivering both weight retention and controlled expansion.

The .360 BHMR is the ultimate straight-wall hunting cartridge. Magnum Research’s Biggest Finest Revolver is known for its reliability, accuracy and strength, making it ideally suited for .360 Buckhammer. With its 10-inch, 1:12-inch twist barrel, plow-handle-style rubber grips and stainless-steel finish, the gun is super durable in the field. Brett Pikula, Magnum Research master gunsmith, said “we are super excited to work with Remington’s team in bringing the .360 Buckhammer to market. With its proven record as the ideal hunting handgun for the American sportsman, I am confident our customers will find this cartridge’s ballistic performance to be exceptional from the BFR.”

Visitors to the 2023 NRA Convention in Indianapolis can see the .360 Buckhammer BFR in person at the Kahr booth, number 3208, and the Remington booth, number 5461.

For more information, visit magnumresearch.com.



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