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New For 2023: Cabot Guns Insurrection

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Billed as “the next generation Cabot 1911,” the Insurrection is Cabot Gun’s first double-stack M1911-style handgun, chambered in 9 mm Luger and compatible with all STI/2011 magazines currently on the market. The new design elevates Cabot’s class-leading build quality to the popular double-stack format, giving M1911 fans extra capacity along with the company’s highly regarded aesthetic and functional touches.

“We’ve been working on this for more than two years,” said Nick Morrow, Cabot Guns director of sales and marketing. “A lot of people think, out there on the market, that a double-stack 1911 is no big deal. Obviously, Para had their high-cap style back in the ’80s and ’90s, and then in the ’90s, STI introduced the 2011 style. There’s a lot of other options coming to market right now, and it isn’t just as simple as slapping a 1911 upper on a double-stack lower and going off to the races. There’s a lot of different things you have to look at. And we came up with what we believe to be the best double-stack 1911 platform on the market.”

Each Cabot Insurrection is built using billet 416 stainless steel, which is sourced from U.S. steelmakers. In its finished format, the gun features a 5″ hand-fit, match-grade barrel with a flush-cut and crown. Cabot offers the Insurrection with barrel ports, and when incorporated, their inclusion is said to reduce perceived recoil by as much as 22 percent. The barrel, and the rest of the gun, is treated with a plasma DLC coating. Below the barrel is a full-length, stainless-steel guide rod. An 11-lb. recoil spring is installed from the factory, but Cabot includes a 9- and 10-lb. recoil spring with each gun to enable owners to fine-tune the gun’s operation with various 9 mm loads. As factory-configured, Cabot specs the Insurrection to run with 124-grain NATO 9 mm ammunition.

At the top end of the gun, Cabot includes its reverse dovetail fiber-optic front sight and ledge rear sight. An RMR-compatible optic mounting point is available as an option on the Insurrection, and a set of back-up iron sights are included that offer a lower 1/3 co-witness sight picture, ensuring a clear view of a mounted optic’s dot through the window. The tri-top slide is cut with serrations at the front and rear, and there are also serrations running from front to rear on the slide’s top. The slide also includes Cabot’s Advantage internal extractor.

The frame is a proprietary Cabot design, with a stainless-steel double-stack frame and grip. A solid-body trigger comes from the factory with a set pull weight of 3.5 lbs. Controls are in the traditional M1911 style, with a single-sided slide-stop lever and push-button magazine release. A bilateral thumb safety is built into the design. The frame also features a Picatinny accessory rail. The pistol ships with two 17-round magazines, and 20-round magazines are also available.

At launch, the Cabot Insurrection starts at $5,995. As the company’s first double-stack M1911 design, an Inaugural Edition will also be available. Limited to the first 50 guns, this edition comes with barrel hood flutes and barrel porting as standard, as well as an optic-ready cut. Each Inaugural Edition also includes a 2.5-m.o.a. Trijicon SRO installed. Pricing on the Inaugural Edition is $7,240. Cabot guarantees the performance of all its handguns, including the double-stack Insurrection, as being able to produce a 1.5″ group at 25 yards. For more details, visit cabotguns.com.




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