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New For 2024: Barrett MRADELR

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Over the years, Barrett Firearms Manufacturing has added numerous variants of the Multi-Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) precision rifle to its product lineup, but none are as visually eye-popping—or as well-suited to reaching out and touching targets as far as two miles away—as the new MRADELR. While still possessing all the features that has made the MRAD so capable and mission-adaptable that both the United States Army Precision Sniper Rifle Program and U.S. Special Forces Command have adopted versions as service rifles, the Extreme Long Range model is set apart by its enormous 36”-long, heavy-contour barrel and its equally colossal three-port tank brake. The result is amazingly accurate for a production gun, yet is surprisingly controllable given just how much power it harnesses.

barrett bolt-action long-range rifle action .50-cal rifle trigge rmagazine chassis stock

Chambered at launch only in .416 Barrett, but with more chamberings coming in the future, the MRADELR is a bolt-action repeater that maintains the MRAD platform’s ability to swap barrels, bolt heads and firing pins (and thus cartridges) with just a single tool. At 62” long and 23 lbs. naked, the ELR is a true behemoth, yet push-button controls in the buttstock allow the rifle’s length-of-pull and comb-height dimensions to be tailored to fit shooters of many different sizes and body types. Controls include bilateral, 45-degree safety levers in the familiar AR-platform location and an ambidextrous magazine-release lever is found just forward of the enlarged trigger guard.

barrett buttstock adjustable stock brown metal black accessories grip trigger cheek riser

The modular upper receiver features a 24.6” length of continuous Picatinny rail with 10 mils of cant built in, and numerous M-Lok slots at the 3-, 6- and 9-o’clock positions of the fore-end allow the rifle to be accessorized to suit the application at hand. The rifle employs a short, 60-degree bolt throw, and because the bolt travels within the rear receiver extension when it is racked, the gun can be fired and the chamber reloaded quickly without breaking cheekweld.

barrett .416 Barrett muzzle brake barrel black metal rifle parts

The Barrett MRADELR ships from the factory with two five-round detachable-box magazines, a bag rider, one accessory rail and a hard Pelican carrying case, and is available hard-coat anodized in either a Black, Tungsten Grey or Flat Dark Earth Cerakote finish. For more information on this rifle, or any other gun in Barrett’s catalog, visit barrett.net.


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