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New For 2024: EAA Corp. Girsan Influencer, Untouchable & Liberador Pistols

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Turkish manufacturer Girsan has been making M1911-style pistols for more than a decade now, with its current model line-up extending from longslide hunting models to ultra-compact concealed carry pistols. Imported into the U.S. by European American Armory Corp. (EAA), for 2024, the company will be adding three new models that bookend the M1911 market from the affordable to the extravagant.

Left side of the EAA Corp. Girsan Untouchable M1911.EAA has positioned the Untouchable as an M1911 whose features-to-price ratio is unmatched in the industry.

All three new Girsan MC1911 pistols are based around the traditional, all-steel, single-stack magazine, single-action John Browning design. The new base model for EAA’s MC1911 line-up will be the Untouchable series. The company chose the name to indicate an “untouchable quality at an untouchable price.”

Don’t let the affordability fool you into thinking this is a G.I.-spec M1911. Features include an extended beavertail safety with memory pad, extended and checkered slide release lever, extended bilateral safety levers, a skeletonized hammer and checkering on the front and rear frame straps. Beyond that, the Untouchable is available in three sizes, two chamberings and four finish options, with a total of 14 possible configurations.

Size options basically follow the “standard” M1911 system of an “Officer” (3.4” barrel, shortened grip frame), “Commander” (4.25” barrel, full-sized frame) and “Government” (5” barrel and full-size frame) sizes, which EAA designates the SC, C and S models, respectively. Pistols of SC and C sizes are available chambered in either 9 mm Luger or .45 ACP, while the full-size S models are only available in .45 ACP.

The four finish options include all black, a black/tungsten two-tone, black camo or olive drab green camo and all have polymer G10-style grips. The MSRP varies from $410 to $449, based on finish option.

Left side of the EAA Corp. Girsan Influencer M1911.The Influencer adds additional features, yet still maintains a reasonable price.

The next step up is the Influencer series, which adds both feature and chambering options. Offered in the same three sizes, all C and S models have a Picatinny accessory rail machined into their dust cover. Additional features include a lightened three-hole trigger, a removable magazine well, front cocking serrations and an optics-ready slide that uses a Shield RMSc footprint.

Chamberings include 9 mm Luger, .38 Super, 10 mm Auto and .45 ACP (not every chambering is available in every model). Finish options are all black, black/tungsten two-tone and black camo with a total of 21 possible configurations. The MC1911 Influencer has an MSRP of $622 to $725, depending on options.

Right sides of three EAA Corp. Girsan Liberador M1911 pistols.The Liberador is available in both Commander-sized (C) and Government-sized (S) options. Pictured from left are 10 mm, 9 mm and .45 ACP versions.

On the far-end of the scale is the MC1911 Liberador. Taking all the features of the Influencer, the Liberador goes a few steps further in the aesthetics category in what EAA calls its “Cultural Series” of handguns. The railed frame and slide are constructed of polished stainless steel. Other parts, including the barrel, have a gold finish. The pistol’s visual style is capped by a set of laser etched pearl-like polymer grips. The Liberador is available in a S configuration in 9 mm or .45 ACP with either fixed or adjustable sights. In 10 mm, the Liberador is in a C size configuration and has adjustable sights. MSRP for the MC1911 Liberador is $999 to $1,119, depending on options.

“We are transitioning to a bilingual website, manuals and hangtags in Spanish, ensuring that Spanish-speaking gun owners have access to the same high-quality resources as our English-speaking customers,” the company said in its press release announcing the series. “The Liberador series is a testament to our commitment to respect, and appreciation of the diverse heritages that enrich our nation. We invite all firearm enthusiasts to explore the Liberador series and celebrate the unity that firearms can bring to our diverse community.”

Right side of the EAA Girsan MC Regard Liberador model.

The Regard Liberador is available with two patterns of laser-etched polymer grips, including the Mexican national coat of arms (pictured).

EAA is also offering a Liberador version of its Regard pistol. Following the basic configuration of the Beretta 92-styled Regard MC, the Regard Liberador also gets the polished finish, gold accents and custom grips. It has a MSRP of $699. For those who want to get their Romeo + Juliet on, you’d be hard-pressed to beat EAA’s Liberador pistols. For more information, visit eaacorp.com.



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