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New For 2024: Heritage Mfg. Roscoe Revolver

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Known for its line of affordable .22 rimfire single-action revolvers and riflesHeritage Manufacturing has greatly expanded its catalog over the past year, adding rimfire and centerfire lever-action rifles and a double-barreled shotgun. New for 2024, the company is adding its first centerfire revolver, the Roscoe.

A black-and-white photo of a man holding a Heritage Mfg. Roscoe over a typewriter.The Roscoe is a classic “snub-nose” revolver, like the sidearm of choice in noir detective movies.

Unlike most of Heritage’s Old West-themed products, the Roscoe pays homage to the “snub nose” revolvers of the 20th century, specifically the Smith & Wesson Chief’s Special of 1950, that company’s first five-shot, J-frame .38 Spl. revolver. The Chief’s Special was not only the first modern, compact carry revolver, it became a staple of TV police dramas from Hawaii Five-O to Law & Order. Its name even reflects the early 20th century slang term for a handgun.

A top view of the Heritage Mfg. Roscoe revolver.Sights on the Roscoe are fixed, in the form of a rear groove and front blade.

The Roscoe is a product of the fact that Heritage Mfg. is under the umbrella of the Taurus gun manufacturing empire. It is a steel-frame, five-shot double-action with a swing-out cylinder that is rated to handle +P cartridges. A transfer-bar system ensures safe carry. Sights are fixed, with a simple groove in the frame’s topstrap and a serrated ramp front blade. To complement its classic features, the Roscoe has a polished black finish and checkered wood grips. The Roscoe is available in two versions, with either a 3” barrel or a 2” barrel.

Left side view of the Heritage Mfg. Roscoe revolver.The Roscoe is available with two barrel lengths, with the 2” version pictured.

“Inspired by the hard-boiled detectives battling mob crime, the movie sleuths, and the real-world cops of yesteryears, the Heritage Roscoe pays homage to these legends with its classic design and rugged performance,” Heritage stated in its release announcing the Roscoe. “With its timeless design and reliable performance, it’s more than just a revolver—it’s a piece of history you can hold in your hands.”

Right side profile of the Heritage Mfg. Roscoe revolver.With the Roscoe, Heritage Mfg. is combining classic styling with modern performance.

The Heritage Manufacturing Roscoe revolvers, with either 2” or 3” barrel, have an MSRP of $364. For more information, visit heritagemfg.com.



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