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New for 2024: Stoeger XM1 Ranger and Scout Air Rifles

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Stoeger Airguns has introduced two new PCP air rifles developed for small-game hunting and long-range precision shooting. The all-new XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout represent the latest models in Stoeger Airguns’ XM1 series.

Offered in .22, and .25 calibers, the XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout are founded on the XM1 platform. Building on the Human Tech Design concepts of functional ergonomics, user-interaction study and user experience, these XM1 air rifles host several elements designed to elevate ergonomics, assist shooter comfort and maximize the shooter’s accuracy. The interchangeable pistol grip, for example, works with the adjustable comb and three length-of-pull (LOP) adjustments to deliver a customized fit and precise eye alignment behind the scope. Combine this with the generous no-slip Comfort Rear Pad and contoured thumbhole stock featuring a flat fore-end, and the rifle platform promotes the kind of stability and fit needed to confidently engage targets in any field shooting position.

Since the XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout were developed to meet the demands of both the hunter and the sport shooter, Stoeger engineers designed these rifles with shorter barrel lengths that enhance mobility and field-position shooting while simultaneously delivering a high degree of accuracy across the effective ballistic range. The free-float steel barrels (23.62 inches for the XM1 Ranger and 18.11 inches for the XM1 Scout) boast an integrated decompression chamber that reduces air turbulence and maximizes accuracy. The ½-inch UNF pitch threaded muzzle can even accommodate a suppressor, sound moderator or compensator.

Power for both air rifles comes courtesy of a 300cc/250 bar (XM1 Ranger) or 200cc/250 bar (XM1 Scout) air tank with an incorporated air regulator gauge, allowing for extended shooting sessions before refilling is required. Maximum velocities for the XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout are 960/890 fps (.22 pellets), and 870/805 fps, respectively. Both air rifles use a high-capacity rotary magazine (10 rounds of .22 or 9 rounds of .25) for fast and reliable feeding.

Shooters looking to fully optimize accuracy potential will appreciate two additional features of the XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout—the adjustable trigger and adjustable hammer spring. The hammer spring can be tuned to optimize power regulation of specific pellets while the trigger pull weight can be adjusted between 12.3 ounces and 1 pound, 5 ounces, for reduced shot disturbance.

Outfitting the XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout comes easily thanks to a Picatinny rail integrated into the frame. This monolithic construction provides a solid foundation for mounting any optic of choice. Three Picatinny rail sections are also included and can be mounted to the fore-end to accept a bipod, light or other accessories.

To learn more about the new XM1 Ranger and XM1 Scout air rifles, or to see the full line of Stoeger air rifles, visit StoegerIndustries.comMSRP: $329-349



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