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Other Means Used in Crimes More than Guns – Democrats Still Target Guns on Hit List

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The Democratic Party, along with their nominee for President Hillary Clinton, are avid, staunch and rabid about gun control, in particular banning so-called assault weapons.  To the Democrats, a semi-automatic rifle is the same thing as an automatic one despite the fact that no citizen can own an automatic rifle without jumping through millions of red tape hoops. Clinton, in particular, would love nothing better than to ban all forms of firearms.  Yet, Democrats and Clinton overlook other crime statistics gathered by the FBI that indicate rifles are not the most prevalent means of committing murder.

The FBI crime statistics for 2015 indicate that twice as many individuals were killed with “hands, fists or feet” than were killed by rifles.  The report indicates that 252 people were killed with rifles compared to approximately 595 people killed with “hands, fists, or feet.”  Despite these figures, rifles, aka assault weapons to Democrats, are a menace in need of eradicating from the land of the republic.

Breitbart reported:

These numbers are not unprecedented. Breitbart News reported that the FBI’s 2014 Uniform Crime Report showed the number of people killed with a rifle that year was approximately 251. Over twice that figure–approximately 670–were killed by being beaten to death with “hands, fists, or feet, etc.”

Despite these figures, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and numerous other Democrats continue to push a ban on “assault weapons” as a way to keep Americans safe. In so doing, they describe such rifles as weapons of war, but it appears the real war is being fought with rudimentary instruments like hands and feet.

It gets even better when one looks at how many people were stabbed or hacked to death.  According to the same FBI crime statistics for 2015, three times as many individuals were stabbed or hacked to death than the number killed by rifles and shotguns – 1,573 killed using knives or cutting instruments to 548 killed using rifles and shotguns.  Three times as many individuals are killed by knives or cutting instruments than those killed by rifle and shotgun.

Breitbart reported:

These facts are especially interesting when you consider that the Democrats emerged from the Sandy Hook Elementary attack with a plan to ban numerous rifles, politically categorized “assault weapons,” and certain shotguns as well. But these efforts are misplaced, at best, if the FBI’s numbers are to be trusted.

While Democrats are pushing an “assault weapons” ban that covers certain shotguns, more than three times as many Americans were killed via stabbing or hacking than from all types of rifles and shotguns combined. And nearly twice as many Americans were simply beaten to death with “hands, fists, feet, etc.” than were shot and killed with rifles of any kind.

Are we to understand the Democrats and the Hussein Soetoro administration lacks trust in the statistics compiled by the FBI from law enforcement agencies around the nation?  Evidently, that is the case since Democrats and Hussein Soetoro have no intention of attacking individuals who own knives and cutting instruments.  What about “hands, fists, and feet?”  Not much the Democrats can do about that unless they institute cutting off everyone’s hands and feet because of the danger to the public.  That’s very far-fetched and way out in left field.  However, people killed by hands, fists, and feet are much greater in number than rifles and shotguns.  Yet, it is rifles and shotguns, they term “assault weapons,” that are being highlighted for eradication.  Nothing is being said about “knife and cutting instrument” control nor anything about “hands, fists and feet” as instruments of harm.

And then, there are the automobile deaths.  So far in the State where I reside, Georgia, there have been 1,007 individuals killed while being in an automobile so far this year.  This number was obtained from the flashing information signs over the interstates while driving through Atlanta.  And, to top it off, Vox declared Georgia’s Interstate 285 to be the deadliest highway in the republic, using the data compiled by the Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  But, we hear nothing from the Democrats about “car control.”

The Democrats evidently believe the deaths from “assault weapons” are much more important than deaths by automobile, knives and cutting instruments, or hands, fists, and feet.  That statement is the furthest from the truth since Democrats could care less which method results in the most deaths to individuals in the republic.  The focus on rifles and shotguns, labeling these types of firearms as “assault weapons,” is geared toward one purpose and one purpose only – the disarming of the people of weapons that could be used to thwart a government-imposed tyranny.

These people looking to inflict some type of gun control know exactly what the Second Amendment of the Constitution for the united States says and means.  The fact is they don’t care.  They also know that to amend the Constitution requires a three-fourths vote among the States.  Yet, they don’t care.  They will peddle to the people the government has the “right” to limit arms through petty legislation and the “Fool-Aid” drinkers will suck it down faster than water can run out of the kitchen faucet.

It will be law-abiding, gun owning, Second Amendment supporting citizens who will become criminals, by attrition, for holding to the Constitution, embracing individual God-given rights, and daring to stand against the government tyranny.

If they can spew enough lies and skew enough facts, since many Americans are too lazy and apathetic to check out information for themselves, the age of gun control, which will lead ultimately to total gun confiscation, will be ushered in with thunderous applause and revel-rousing by the left, progressive, socialist, communist, Marxist, Democrat, stuck-on-stupid supporters.  One can throw in the lamestream enemedia as the cheerleading squad.  Don’t count on the Republican members of both chambers to do anything since the Republican have caved to Democrat whims for quite some time now.  And, should Donald Trump win the White House, Republicans will double down going against anything he supports.

Today, Democrats and Hillary Clinton are “gunning” [pun intended] for Americans’ rifles and shotguns.  Tomorrow, it will be hand guns.  On down the road, one can expect knives and cutting instruments to follow, such as is seen in the United Kingdom.  Next, those pesky automobiles will have to go because of people dying from automobile use and the “climate change” ruse.  They will whittle away banning everything until nothing is left but “hands, fists, and feet,” trees, and rocks.  When they figure out how to ban or control those, we can look forward to the Bureau of Limbs, Logs, and Rocks to form in order to “regulate” what’s left.  Yes, this is sarcasm, but with the thinking process of the left, one can expect the outrageous and ridiculous to rise to the forefront of the battleground to be supported and controlled because “reasons” that more than likely point to “white privilege,” “racism,” “homophobia,” “xenophobia” and “a partridge in a pear tree.”  Writing “a partridge in a pear tree” will probably be considered offensive in some fashion by the “Fool Aiders.”  But, I digress.

Remember, despite the best efforts to ban any type of firearm, shotgun or rifle, criminals will still have guns.  The “gun control” leading to confiscation route only affects law-abiding citizens.  What will happen then should this ridiculous obsession with firearms culminate in a ban and confiscation?

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