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Preview: C&C Sutlery Cavalry Carbine Sling

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Made of high-quality leather in the United States, the C&C Sutlery Cavalry Carbine Sling replicates the design used by Civil War-era and later mounted soldiers to ensure their saddle-ring-equipped carbines remained with them at all times—especially in the case of involuntary dismounts.

Like the originals, this one is worn diagonally across the torso where an attached snap swivel (sold separately) clips to the carbine’s saddle ring, suspending the rig just below waist level.

Made of 2 3/8″-wide black leather, the 59″-long sling carries an arsenal stamp and features a regulation buckle and brass end piece.

MSRP is $65 (sling); $18 (swivel snap). For more information, visit ccsutlery.com.




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