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Preview: Dirty Bore Bio CLP

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An odorless cleaner/lubricant/protectant (CLP) made from non-toxic, bio-based ingredients, Dirty Bore’s Bio CLP is strong enough to tackle thick fouling, carbon build-up and blackpowder residue inside your barrel, yet is safe for use on all metals, as well as metal and wood finishes.

To use, simply spray the product into the rear of the bore and allow it to run through the barrel. After cleaning, run Bio CLP-soaked patches through the bore and allow it to dry, leaving behind a protective film that won’t degrade in temperatures as high as 750° F.

Suggested retail price for the Dirty Bore Bio CLP 2-oz. bottle is $15 and $19 for 4-oz. bottles. For more information, please visit dirty-bore.com.


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