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Recent Mass Shootings Point To Them Being Orchestrated Events

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With the recent shootings from the California Garlic Festival, El Paso, Texas Walmart massacre, to the Dayton shootings just hours after the El Paso incident. It becomes clear that these seemingly random shootings are actually politically planned orchestrated events.

Very similar to the protesters that began to show up in large numbers at Donald Trump rallies in 2016 which were all well organized and carried out by various political groups such as BLM and ANTIFA. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that mass shooting such as we have experienced recently are also staged events.

In each of the most recent incidents and in many previous mass shootings, the gun used was an AK-47, the odds that the same type of semiautomatic rifle being used in most mass shootings is very low. However, if you consider such massacres are orchestrated events, planned by Leftist factions within our government you soon realize that the AK-47 would be the gun of choice. This, since the US acquired massive numbers of AK-47s during the Iraq war. The AK-47 was the main type of gun used by Iraq since they bought most of their weapons from the old Soviet Union where it is the predominate gun used by their military. Thus, if a clandestine military operation was carried out domestically, the weapon used would be an AK-47 or a variant.

Aside from weapons used in domestic mass shootings, the government also seems to leave quite a few questions unanswered in each incident they carry out.

Using the El Paso Walmart shooting as an example, we find many discrepancies. Motive, supposedly the shooter wanted to kill illegal aliens. If this were true, why travel all the way from Dallas to El Paso when the goal could have been achieved in Dallas? Here, the actions do not match the goal.

There is also Walmart video footage showing the suspect entering the store wearing fatigues, however, when he was apprehended from his car, just moments later, he was wearing khakis. He would not have had the time or even thought of changing his pants.

As usual, there are conflicting reports of how many people were involved in the massacre. An eye witness on the scene reported seeing 4 men, all dressed in black run into the store shooting.

The woman’s report of what she saw is much more reliable than the official grainy picture of the suspect the government wants us to believe since she is not likely to ever forget such a traumatic event, much less than forget what she saw minutes later.

Her account of the shooters wearing black brings to mind ANTIFA, which is the domestic terrorist organization of choice used by the Socialist Left that was actually formed and financed by Obama and Soros.

Politically, the Democrats know they have no chance of defeating President Trump, however, a few mass shootings and tying the race card into it, they think they may have a chance. It did not take long for many Dem candidates to try to make President Trump look like he was responsible for the massacres. For example, Robert O’Rourke immediately went to El Paso to blame the president for the entire incident, in him and his supporters being racist and stoking the hate that just must have caused it. Many other Dems cite more gun control is necessary, as usual.

Other discrepancies in these incidents are the physical similarities in the suspects, especially the Garlic festival shooter and the El Paso shooter. Not only do they look alike, they mainly look like computer-generated images. Not much comparison can be done since only the Walmart shooter is supposedly alive.

Supposedly, the El Paso shooter’s MyLife page was changed after the shooting from Democrat to Republican. 

Dayton, Ohio shooter Connor Betts’ obituary was on Courant.com showing him as being passed away suddenly on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, it has been removed as of 8/5/2019, very suspicious since it was obviously there for quite some time until the name was used as a killer in Dayton.

What we have here isn’t about some whacked out maniacs who own guns and suddenly decide to go out and kill a bunch of people, it is all about politics. The neo-Nazi Socialist Left who believed they had a Dictatorship that could not be removed during the Obama years, want to regain control over the country and will stop at nothing to make it happen.

This is more than just who gets elected in 2020, it is the shooting stage of the second American Revolution. The organized violence in the streets, the Left’s inability to do their jobs in Congress because they are too busy trying to get President Trump out of office, to mass shootings is the start of the war for the United States.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media


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