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Review: Kinetic Concealment KC Baby Appendix Carry

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Hybrid holsters may get a bum rap from “purists” who think a holster should be either all Kydex or all leather. Some even argue that hybrids are the worst of both worlds, while others make a compelling case that a hybrid is the best of both worlds. I’m not here to argue the merits of either one except to say that all Kydex and all leather holsters have their place in the gun-carrying world, and do hybrids.

Hybrid holsters come in all shapes and sizes for many different purposes. Almost all have a Kydex or other molded polymer shell to protect the firearm and keep the mouth open for reholstering. Some are backed by a slab of leather, while others have a synthetic material. Such is the case with the Kinetic Concealment KC Baby Appendix Carry.

Jackson, TN-based Kinetic Concealment chose to shy away from full leather on their backers because of one major criticism of every leather IWB holster: moisture control. Leather absorbs moisture and can warp, especially over time. How do you solve this problem? And how do you make a backer stiff enough to hold up over time and continue to look good and work well?

The solution: A layer of neoprene wetsuit material between the leather layer and your skin. Not only does this layer not fall apart from water absorption over the years, but it is also softer and, therefore, more comfortable than leather, making it easier to wear. It’s not just a mix of two dissimilar materials but three. Talk about a true hybrid!

holster and gun

Despite its greatness, the cushioned backer is only part of the story. The front of the holster is a well-crafted Kydex shell attached by four Phillips screws. Due to the soft material, these screws are just connection points, not retention adjustments. That is one drawback of most hybrids, this one included: no adjustable retention. But the shell held my Taurus GX4 perfectly fine, with no worries about it coming out all day. Yet drawing and re-holstering were flawless, with a solid click when the gun was securely inside.

A large plastic clip holds the holster tightly to the belt, with two more Phillips screws affixing it securely to the shell. I never felt like they were backing out at all throughout my trial period. They held firm through multiple days of taking the holster in and out of my waistband.

The Kinetic Concealment KC Baby Appendix is designed for smaller carry guns, such as the Glock 19 or any tinier Glock, Smith & Wesson Shield, and the Taurus GX4 mentioned above, and is available for a wide assortment of brands and models along the same size. It is a smaller version of the original Hybrid IWB that Kinetic Concealment introduced a few years back.

At $52.95, the KC Baby Appendix is a solid, durable, and comfortable holster priced right.


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