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Safety Recall on Certain Tisas 1911s

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Tisas USA has initiated a voluntary recall of certain Tisas USA 1911 pistols after determining a very small number may have their hammer follow the slide forward as the gun chambers a cartridge. The company announced the safety recall notice in an abundance of safety for its owners, despite the chance one of the guns experiencing the malfunction being extremely remote.

The firm is not aware of any injuries as a result of the condition, but owners should immediately visit the recall page to determine if their pistol is affected and consult directions for remediation. “If your model is listed below do not attempt to load or fire your Tisas USA pistol,” it urges. “Doing so could possibly lead to property damage or injury.”

Tisas USA pistols subject to the recall include the following models: 1911 Duty B45DG (Raider); 1911 Duty Nightstalker 45; 1911 Duty Nightstalker 10 MM; 1911 Duty Enhanced; 1911 Republic of Texas; and 1911 Match SS 45. The recall webpage allows owners to conveniently select their pistol, which leads to a page to fill out contact information and mailing address—along with the handgun’s serial number—to initiate return of the firearm.

The company will inspect and upgrade any affected pistols in the order in which they are received. Tisas USA will supply affected customers with a return shipping label and cover any expenses related to the inspection and upgrade.

Tisas USA—a division of SDS Imports based in Knoxville, TN—was established in 2022 and is the exclusive importer of TİSAŞ Trabzon Silah Sanayi firearms, a Turkey-based manufacturer established in 1993. In the three decades since the firm launched, the company has landed a variety of military and law enforcement contracts across the globe and vastly improved a stateside distribution that began modestly in 2004.


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