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The Armed Citizen® Jan. 29, 2024

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An armed church employee in Kansas defended his fellow church attendees from that was “acting viciously toward people arriving for service” on New Year’s Eve, according to a local news report.

As members of the church attempted to enter the building, they were confronted by a husky that was acting aggressively and charging at the families heading toward the building. The church employee went outside the building to address the issue, he found the dog continuing its aggressive actions. The employee shot and killed the dog. Local officers determined that the church employee was justified in shooting the dog, as he feared for his safety and the safety of those nearby.

The dog’s owner, who claimed it had broken loose from its chain, claimed it had no history of aggressive behavior. “We need to understand that maybe our pets are not always the same around strangers as they are with us,” KCK Police Media Relations Specialist Nancy Chartrand said. “Which is important in this situation.”

No charges are being filed against the church employee. (WIBW 13 News; Kansas City, Kan.; 12/31/23)

From the Armed Citizen® Archives – April 1934

In Oakland, Calif., Vendes Mann awakened to find a burglar ransacking a bureau drawer in his room. He drew a pistol from beneath his pillow and fired. The burglar fled and at one point fell as if hit but succeeded in making his escape.

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