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The Armed Citizen® June 23, 2023

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Two apparently inebriated men who had been asked to leave a pizzeria’s bar on April 19 in Adair County, Ky., instead allegedly began an altercation with another man and his girlfriend in the restaurant. The man attempted to just leave, but the two reportedly began punching him, kicking him and hitting him with chairs. The girlfriend went outside to retrieve a firearm from a truck and came back in, but then left again as the assailants chased her. Her boyfriend also went outside, whereupon the woman was able to give him the firearm. An employee said he heard one assailant say he had a gun as he charged the boyfriend, who fired several shots to defend himself. One assailant was struck in the leg, ankle, wrist and stomach; the armed citizen was treated for injuries from the assault. The case is being investigated as a self-defense incident. (lakercountry.com, Russell Springs, Ky., 4/20/23)

A homeowner in Sammamish, Wash., heard his front door handle rattling near midnight on Feb. 13. He started to look at his home video camera feed when he heard the front door being kicked down and several people entering his home. The homeowner reportedly ran down the hallway as the home invaders shot at him, but he was not struck. The man’s son heard screaming and investigated, then shot back at the strangers. One of the alleged home invaders was later arrested once he sought medical treatment for a gunshot wound; he had previously been convicted of nine felony offenses, including two other home robberies and assault of a child. He was expected to face charges of first-degree assault and first-degree burglary in this case. Investigators were still trying to identify the three other suspects shown in the home security videos. (fox13seattle.com, Seattle, Wash., 2/21/23)

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