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Tim McGraw Sells Out to Anti-Gunners

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Country music used to have genuine country people in the genre. Nowadays, there are just too many country singers that are willing to sell their souls for the almighty dollar or latest anti-American agenda. Enter Country music star Tim McGraw. His latest announcement to headline Sandy Hook Promise, an anti-gun organization that masquerades as a “responsible gun ownership” group has brought a serious backlash.

The Newtown Patch reports:

Opener Billy Currington announced he wouldn’t be participating on his Facebook page.

“Ive [sic] never been one to take on controversial issues – I’m a singer,” he wrote. “I do feel strongly about honoring and supporting the Sandy Hook community and will be making a donation to a local organization. I appreciate people’s freedom and passion for whatever cause they want to support, however, I am choosing to step aside from this fundraiser and will focus instead on the rest of the tour dates as I look forward to being on the road with Tim and Chase and having a blast with all of the fans.”

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League, a grassroots gun rights group issued a statement Friday about Tim McGraw’s participation in the event and thanked Currington for stepping down.

“We also wish to send a special thank you to country artist Billy Currington for stepping aside from this event, and for recognizing those behind it for exactly what they are,” he said.

McGraw went to Twitter to promote the benefit:

The Washington Post provided a statement by McGraw:

“Let me be clear regarding the concert for Sandy Hook given much of the erroneous reporting thus far.  As a gun owner, I support gun ownership,” he said. “I also believe that with gun ownership comes the responsibility of education and safety — most certainly when it relates to what we value most, our children.  I can’t imagine anyone who disagrees with that.”

“Through a personal connection, I saw first-hand how the Sandy Hook tragedy affected families and I felt their pain. The concert is meant to do something good for a community that is recovering,” he added.

As I’ve pointed out before, the Second Amendment is a restraint on the federal government to infringe in any way on the rights of the people to keep and bear arms. The problem McGraw is missing is that Sandy Hook Promise is not just pushing for what he is for. They are pushing for infringement on the very thing he says he supports.

Sandy Hook Promise claims, “We support the 2nd Amendment. We recognize an individual’s right to bear arms and support millions of law-abiding citizens in the United States who own firearms. We believe with rights come responsibilities that we all bear to ensure the safety of individuals, communities and our nation.”

I agree, there are responsibilities. However, no authority has been given to government to write law concerning arms. Yet, Sandy Hook Promise continues, “Current laws need to be enforced and need to have loopholes closed. Where applicable, new laws should be considered where public safety and reduction in violence can be achieved without eroding 2nd Amendment rights.”

Hello? Sandy Hook Promise? No laws apply as law would be an infringement upon those rights that you claims to believe in. There is no way to not infringe on rights and bring laws to bear in this situation. They do not go together and thus why no authority was given to government to write law concerning arms.

The problem in all of this is that Sandy Hook Promise promotes unconstitutional government enforcement of unconstitutional gun laws. Just pay attention to their Frequently Asked Questions Page, where they are asked, “Sandy Hook Promise has been supporting gun safety and responsibility policy changes at a federal and state level – what exactly do you stand for with regard to policy?”

Sandy Hook Promise responded:

Gun safety and responsibility alone will NOT solve gun violence. SHP believes in comprehensive common sense solutions to reduce the causes of gun violence. Equal attention should be paid to issues of mental health, school safety, family and community. Again, there is no single fix; some changes require new laws, many are changes we need to make in our communities and in ourselves.

Below are current gun safety and responsibility policy changes SHP supports:

Background check should be required for every gun sale
Every individual, regardless of where or from whom they purchase a firearm, should undergo a background check to ensure that the purchaser is not a risk for perpetrating gun violence. The background check requirement for private sales should be enforceable, and States should ensure that the data they provide for the system is complete and up to date. 90% of Americans stated they support background checks; we believe Congress and state legislators should too.

Reduce capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 bullets or lower
Within four minutes, the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary fired 154 bullets, killing 20 first grade children and six educators – our loved ones. The killer used magazines with a capacity of 30 bullets. We now know that he left less lethal, lower-capacity magazines at home. Reducing magazines to a capacity of 10 bullets or less can save innocent lives. Many of the children who escaped from one of the classrooms at Sandy Hook Elementary reportedly did so when the shooter stopped to reload. We are left to wonder how many victims – maybe our children – also might have escaped if the killer had to reload more frequently.

Firearms trafficking and straw purchases should be federal crimes
Congress should support law enforcement’s efforts to get guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals by making it a crime to buy a gun for another person and by stiffening penalties for those purchasing a gun to give to a person who is prohibited by law from having a gun. The cost of continuing our willful ignorance of these evasions of our gun laws is simply too high.

SHP believes that existing laws should be better enforced, and that government needs to allocate the resources necessary to ensure that those laws are effectively implemented.

Sound Obamaesque? That’s because it is. In one account they are claiming to support the Second Amendment and in the other, they are undermining it. In fact, one has to wonder if we did a little digging if we wouldn’t find a little Michael Bloomberg funding in Sandy Hook Promise.

Sorry Tim McGraw, but as the Scriptures teach, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3). You can’t straddle the fence on this one. Either you are with the gun grabbers or you are with the right to keep and bear arms uninfringed. Choose your side.


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