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10 Popular Concealed Carry Guns

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In the ever-evolving landscape of concealed-carry firearms, the market is filled with options which cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. Among the myriad choices, ten handguns have risen to prominence, capturing the attention of concealed carry practitioners across the United States. Are they the only good choices out there? No. But these are very popular. The good news is that there are hundreds of concealed carry guns on the market to choose from, so if none of these guns float your boat, we’re sure you can find one that works for you. That said, let’s look at ten popular concealed-carry handguns. All of them are chambered in 9mm.

Glock 19Glock G19: A Timeless Favorite

The Glock G19 is a staple in the concealed carry gun world, renowned for its reliability, simplicity, and versatility. Its compact size, 15+1-round capacity, and reputation for minimal maintenance make it a top choice for both new and experienced carriers. The polymer frame ensures durability without sacrificing weight, contributing to its enduring popularity among civilians and law enforcement alike.

A gun for concealed carrySmith & Wesson Shield Plus: Enhanced Performance

The Smith & Wesson Shield Plus builds on the success of its predecessor, offering a slim profile while boosting capacity. With a 10- or 13-round capacity, depending on the magazine used, this striker-fired pistol maintains the Shield’s compact design. Enhanced ergonomics and a crisp trigger make it a comfortable and accurate option for everyday carry.

Taurus GX4Taurus GX4: Compact and Affordable

Taurus enters the spotlight with the GX4, a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise performance. With a standard 11-round magazine or 13-round extended magazine, this micro-compact pistol boasts features typically found in more expensive models. Its small size and modular design make it an attractive choice for those seeking an affordable yet reliable option for a concealed carry gun.

Ruger Security 9Ruger Security 9: Affordability Meets Capacity

Ruger’s Security 9 presents a cost-effective solution without sacrificing capacity or features. With a 15-round magazine and a comfortable grip, this semi-automatic handgun offers an appealing balance between affordability and performance. Its streamlined design makes it an excellent choice for those on a budget without compromising reliability.

HellcatSpringfield Armory Hellcat: High Capacity in a Compact Frame

The Springfield Armory Hellcat gained rapid popularity for its impressive 11- or 13- round magazine capacity in such a small package. This micro-compact pistol is specifically designed for concealed carry, featuring a textured grip, U-Dot sights, and a reversible magazine release. With its combination of capacity and size, the Hellcat has become a favorite among those prioritizing firepower and concealability.

TP9Canik TP9: Turkish Excellence

Hailing from Turkey, the Canik TP9 series has gained recognition for its exceptional value and performance. Available in various models, the TP9 series offers features such as an optics-ready design, a match-grade trigger, and extended magazines with capacities ranging from 15 to 20 rounds. The TP9 series caters to those seeking a reliable and affordable concealed carry option with a touch of European flair.

P365Sig Sauer P365: Compact Innovation

Sig Sauer’s P365 revolutionized the market for concealed carry guns by introducing a high-capacity micro-compact pistol. With an impressive 10-round capacity in the flush-fit magazine and innovative design, the P365 stands out for its combination of firepower and size. The introduction of the SAS model further enhances concealability with a smooth draw and reduced snag points, making it a popular choice for those prioritizing comfort and ease of carry.

Walther CCPWalther CCP M2+: Gas-Piston System for Reduced Recoil

Walther’s CCP (Concealed Carry Pistol) distinguishes itself with a gas-piston system, reducing recoil and enhancing shootability. With an 8+1-round capacity, the CCP features a unique Softcoil gas technology, providing a smoother shooting experience. The ergonomic grip and easy recoil management make it an attractive option for those seeking a comfortable, user-friendly concealed carry firearm.

VP9H&K VP9: Striker-Fired Precision

H&K’s VP9 offers a premium option for concealed carry enthusiasts who prioritize precision and quality. With a 15-round magazine, the VP9 stands out for its crisp trigger, interchangeable backstraps, and high-quality construction. The ergonomic design and advanced features make it a favorite among those willing to invest in a top-tier concealed carry gun.

FN 509FN 509: Military-Grade Performance

The FN 509, with its roots in military and law enforcement contracts, brings a level of reliability and durability to the concealed carry market. With a 10- or 17-round magazine, the 509 offers users a robust and well-engineered firearm. The textured grip, ambidextrous controls, and accessory rail enhance its appeal to those who prioritize a military-grade concealed carry option.

Which Concealed Carry Gun Is Best?

The landscape of concealed carry handguns is diverse and continually evolving, with the Glock 19, Smith & Wesson Shield Plus, Taurus GX4, Ruger Security 9, Springfield Armory Hellcat, Canik TP9, Sig Sauer P365, Walther CCP, HK VP9, and FN 509 standing out as popular choices. Each firearm brings its unique blend of features, performance, and pricing, catering to the diverse preferences and needs of concealed carry enthusiasts across the United States.



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