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First Look: Galco Glock G43 Front Pocket Horsehide Holster

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Galco Gunleather is now making their Front Pocket Horsehide holster available to those who carry the Glock G43 subcompact 9mm handgun.

The Front Pocket Horsehide holster is ambidextrous and constructed with premium and durable horsehide leather. Its overall shape is designed so that the handgun and the holster do not shift around inside a pocket during daily activities. The shape of the holster is also designed to break up the outline of the gun inside of a pocket in order to maintain discreetness. Staying in line with one of the most important design considerations of any modern holster (and doubly so for pocket carry), the Galco Front Pocket Horsehide holster completely covers the trigger guard and trigger area of a firearm. This prevents any foreign objects from getting caught in the trigger guard and possibly actuating the trigger at an inopportune time. The holster’s hooked shape – at the base of the handgun’s trigger guard – is designed to catch on the pocket so that, with practice (using an unloaded firearm or blue gun) and while using the proper pants, one can draw the firearm while the holster remains in their pocket or falls away.

Though pocket carry can constrain handgun choice due to size considerations, it does provide some serious advantages for its niche. It allows the carrier to have a smaller handgun on their person without the use of a gun belt or larger holster that requires the use of a belt. This not only helps with discreetness, it also lets a concealed carrier dress around a wardrobe that may not necessarily support a proper belt and holster or generally larger handgun. Pocket carry also allows the carrier to stage their hand in their pocket ahead of time without making suspicious or furtive movements towards their waistband which can be a tell to others that someone might be carrying.

The Front Pocket Horsehide holsters retails for $76. For more information on this holster and other products sold by Galco Gunleather, please visit their website at galcogunleather.com.


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